New Sound Library, Vangelis For Omnisphere 2

Luftrum shared this preview of Vangelis for Omnisphere, a tribute soundset of synth emulations and Vangelis-inspired sounds. They say it was created by Luftrum by closely studying some of the classics Vangelis composed throughout his life.

The collection contains 115 presets, divided among 90 patches and 25 multis.

Here are the details on the demo. It’s recorded directly from the soundset, straight out of Omnisphere. No EQ, no compression, and no other sounds or effects are used. The presets used, are noted in the timeline below.

00:00 Intro

00:12 Blade Runner Main Titles
(Endless, Blade Runner Main I, Deckard’s Blues Pad I, Low City Rumble)

02:07 Theme From Antarctica
(Antarctica Lead, Antarctica Pad, The CS-80 Bass)

03:04 La Petite Fille de la Mer
(Le Petite Key de la Mer, La Petite Guitar de la Mer)

03:45 Fields of Coral
(Keys of Coral, Arp of Coral, Bass of Coral, In The Passing)

04:34 Hymne
(Hymne I, Hymne Strings)

05:14 Blade Runner Blues
(Blues Pad, Blade Runner Blues, Rhodes Voices)

06:41 Elsewhere
(Elsewhere, Rising Noise, The CS-80 Bass, Elsewhere Arp, CS-80 Strings)

07:44 Dream in an Open Place
(Dream Piano in Open Place)

08:20 Come to Me
(Come to Me Shakuhachi, Clouds, Star Chimes, Come to Me Harp, The CS-80 Bass)

09:33 Songs of The Seas
(Song of The Sea, Bass of The Sea, In The Passing)

09:58 Abraham’s Theme
(Abraham’s Key, Descending, Hymne Strings)

10:58 Rachel’s Song
(Rachel’s Gust, Rachel’s Xylophone)

11:40 Twillight
(The Twillight Harp, Twillight Synth, Twillight Wind, Tännhauser Gate)

12:22 Tears In Rain
(Tears In Rain, Tännhauser Gate, Shoulder of Orion, Rain of Tears, Blade Runner Main I)

Pricing and Availability

Vangelis for Omnisphere 2 is available now for $39, with 20% off for newsletter subscribers.

14 thoughts on “New Sound Library, Vangelis For Omnisphere 2

  1. They’re using the name of a recently deceased musician to sell a sound library that he had nothing to do with? Seems shady.

  2. This is sound design at its best. A labour of love in honor of one of the greatest synthesist of our time! ‘They’ is Luftrum, a highly talented danish sound designer. I am deeply impressed and inspired by this tribute. Thanks Søren.

  3. Great work! Some of this is really dead on.

    it’s kind of amazing that this can all be done within one instrument now, when Vangelis had access to all the greatest synths of the day when he created his music.

  4. Its a very accurate library for sure. It mainly makes sense to me if you want to perform some of his works as a classical exercise, to preserve them. That makes it less of a copycat venture. Its a cousin to hearing student orchestras perform pieces by Yes or Kit Watkins. I’m sure a lot of us can play a few Vangelis lines, as well as a few Emerson or T-Dream cameo moments.

    1. I am still running Atmosphere on my old Dell laptop running XP lol!
      TBF, I do have the newer versions as well on my Macs.

  5. I have to admit that Vujadejunky makes a good point about wanting to hear NEW music with these sounds. To many people, Vangelis is an unknown, so they’d just hear music featuring lush power-sounds without thinking of “Blade Runner” or “China.” Due to fanboy bias, my opinion loses 10% off the top. 😛

    1. I don’t get all the love or worship folks layer onto any kind of artists; it’s like a contest you only win when you’re dead and gone – and a lot of reverb.

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