This One ‘Thing’ Brings New Superpowers To Moog DFAM

Bribery’s Production House shared this overview of the Serendipity Synthesizers DFAM Thing, a third-party device that adds a variety of useful capabilities to the DFAM sequencer, including:

  • MIDI integration — clocking and individual step play,
  • Reset — manual, via CV or via MIDI,
  • Variations in the step order — Forward, Reverse, Bounce, Odds & Evens, Shuffle, Random and Custom
  • Changing the sequence length — 1 to 8 steps (up to 16 steps for a custom step order)

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
0:28 DFAM Problem
2:19 DFAM Thing
3:10 Seq Reset
4:30 Additional Features
6:20 Reverse mode
6:50 Align Step 1
8:00 Additional Modes
9:05 Play As Keys
10:25 MIDI Mode
12:40 Super Fast Speeds
18:05 Length Change
19:52 Clock Division/Multiplier
21:52 Wrap Up
23:20 LuRk UrN SurbScRiBe

Details on pricing and availability for the DFAM Thing are to be announced. See the developer’s site for details.

8 thoughts on “This One ‘Thing’ Brings New Superpowers To Moog DFAM

  1. I regret it is not eurorack. I don’t use ‘desk pieces’ that don’t fit into enclosures.

    mismatched boxes connected by wires on a table is not my idea of fun.

      1. He’s got a point that it’s messy. Also the product’s still in development, so feedback is good IMO.

        Bigger issue though: Moog should’ve gotten it right the first time. We don’t even need the finger-drumming buttons. Just give us 16 steps with reset.

        1. I use a couple of 960’s with my DFAM to modulate decays, pitch, cutoff, etc… you can get it to sound much longer than 8 steps easily this way. Behringer 960’s are super cheap. also a couple of quantizers are great for getting in tune pitches easily too. permuting the sequence isn’t all that interesting to me; I thought of that modification for other 8 step sequencers, it’s simple, but pretty trivially arbitrary to me – like playing a score upside down. would rather put time into the real sequence instead. it’s offered, cause it’s easy to do.

  2. very cool, super glad this is an option. i have been sequencing the DFAM with the Varigate 8+ and Voltage Block so there is no problem with reset and there is tons more flexibility than using the DFAMs little sequencer. this box looks great though.

  3. I’d completely written the DFAM off until now. Now I want one, but I want this device first. No DFAM Thing, no DFAM, for me 🙂

  4. Should have all jacks on the front and be a eurorack module-think first now a V2 will take 5 years to implement, something else may come along, Sonoclast already did it

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