D16 Intros “The Definitive 303 Emulation”, Phoscyon 2

D16 has introduced Phoscyon 2, a software emulation of the legendary Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizer that they say “has been taken to entirely new heights.”

While D16 says that the signal path has been designed to “achieve an unprecedented level of emulation accuracy”, Phoscyon 2’s design otherwise diverges significantly from the classic 303, adding a robust FX chain tailored to “acidic squeaks” and an original sequencer and arpeggiator, designed to make it easy to edit patterns and perform with them live.

Other features include:

  • Substantial factory content
  • Over 800 presets and patterns in factory content
  • Several UI sizes and HiDPI support for better screen fit
  • MIDI Learn for easy controller assignment

Here’s a demo of the factory presets:

Pricing and Availability

Phoscyon 2 is available now with an intro price of 89 Eur (normally 119 Eur).

via Absolut

10 thoughts on “D16 Intros “The Definitive 303 Emulation”, Phoscyon 2

  1. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to pay a minimal fee for an upgrade for a plugin thats been supported for 10 years now. One that I’ve used on many projects, has generated income with it’s strengths. God bless the companies that operate this way I say. I gladly paid for the upgrade sight unseen. D16 makes great plugins.

    1. it’s honestly such a cheap upgrade if you already own it – for something of this quality it’s a no-brainer. strongly stand by your point point!! was an insta-buy – hoping i get some time to actually install and use it shortly lol

      1. I had no idea that there was even any upgrade pricing. I’ve now become much more interested! Looks like 29 euros for those who already own version 1. I wasn’t about to put 90, but 29 is at least reasonable.

  2. D16 was cool back when they started.. but it’s 2022. My Behringer TD-3 MO OBLITERATES this plugin, and costs only marginally more. Hard pass

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