New Music From Brian Eno – ‘We Let It In’

Brian Eno shared the music video for We Let It In, from his upcoming album FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE, which is scheduled to be released October 14th, 2022.

FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE is the 22nd solo studio album from Eno and the first since January 2017’s Reflection. The new album sees Eno working in song mode, with singing on the majority of tracks.

With We Let It In, though, Eno seems to finding a middle ground between the approaches he’s used with his ambient music and his vocal albums.

It’s available now to pre-order.

12 thoughts on “New Music From Brian Eno – ‘We Let It In’

  1. I like the snoring sound. for me, these types of tunes that never really evolve into anything – like a vast intro – don’t do it for me. one moment is much like any another.

    1. I completely agree. I’m not liking it like his older stuff. He also sounds like an old guy with a nasal congestion problem.

  2. Well, one of the beauties of music is that it reaches each of us differently; personally, I love this and it was just how I wanted to spend 3 1/2 minutes this morning. Thanks again Mr. Eno…

    1. there’s nothing wrong with enjoying something; there’a an audience for everything.

      I’m sure I like music other folks don’t.

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