Live Cover Of Herbie Hancock’s Classic ‘Rockit’

This video captures a live performance by The Moots of Herbie Hancock‘s 1983 electro classic, Rockit.

The angle of the video gives you a “musician’s view” of the performance, letting you see the keyboards and gear used.

The Moots are a duo, Matt Baxley & Darrell Nutt. Baxley is also known for his Youtube videos as ‘Moot Booxle’. Baxley handles vocals and plays Mini Moog and ARP Odyssey synthesizers, Rhodes and B3 keyboard sounds, vocoder, and electronics and effects. Nutt plays the drums and also handles triggering loops and samples.

9 thoughts on “Live Cover Of Herbie Hancock’s Classic ‘Rockit’

  1. Yes I agree this isn’t such an easy song to come up with new ideas as it just centres around that riff…….and his bass playing is amazing.,….she has a Boog doesn’t he from memory

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