Berlin School Synth Jam With Moog Modular System

This video, via KurtzMindfields, captures a Berlin School style synth jam, BACHSPACE RETURN, featuring classic analog subtractive synth sounds and sequences.

Here’s what they shared about the technical details:

Set up : BIG ANCESTOR MOOG modulaire (Seq & Effects) : config: 3 VCOs 921, filtre1: 904-a, filtre2: Steiner Parker v1, 2 LFOs/S&H wheel controlled, Enveloppes 911,VCA 902 + mixer CP3 all Moog, Moog Sub37 tribute (Sequencer), Oberheim OB3 Organ + Lex Strymon, SynthR3 Arpeggiator (ARP 4012 + S.E.M), Hansy Mellotron Mister M & Minimoog model D. Recorded & mixed at Nuage7 – Domaine de Sourzy (Sequoia 15 / Slate Digital plugs)

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