High School Kids Cover Thriller On 11 Synthesizers, But You Won’t Believe What They Do To The Drummer!

MDD Jessheim shared this video, capturing a live synth performance of 9 Jessheim High School students, covering Michael Jackson’s classic Thriller.

The performance keeps the original vocals, but everything else is played live on 11 synths, electric drums and congas.

The students use a wide range of synths, listed below, and end the performance by dispatching the drummer in a surprisingly graphic manner. 

Performers & Credits:

Amalie Asbjørnsen Fjeld: Behringer Poly D, Roland Jupiter 6
Divine Piinuka Laar Sillim: Korg X50
Fredrik Julseth Jacobsen: Casio CZ-1000, Yamaha SY99
Fredrik Ole August Ødegård: Congas
Ingeborg de Vibe Bunæs: ASM Hydrasynth, Korg MS-20 mini
Iver Graabræk-Dyndahl: Yamaha DTX502 (electric drums)
Krzysztof Pawel Krzyzanowski: Ensoniq SQ-1
Linnea Roset Sunde: Roland Ax-Edge
Nicholas Tobar Sepulveda: Roland Juno 60, Arturia MicroBrute
…with Michael Jackson on vocals (from the original multitrack recording)

Sindre Winge: Video editing
Jan Terje Augestad: Arrangement, synth programming, mixing

12 thoughts on “High School Kids Cover Thriller On 11 Synthesizers, But You Won’t Believe What They Do To The Drummer!

  1. Please… PLEASE dont start using such stupid clickbait headlines. This blog is always up in my browser because its a great place for news. And chemically free from clickbait. so please stop that crud.

  2. This video would 100% would get the kids kicked out of school in the US.

    Sad that we’re the only ‘civilized’ country that’s got to worry about real violence in the schools.

    1. not that it was funny but you got it all wrong, norway is much less violent than usa so the kids have the privilege to joke about it.

  3. Ah – the kids of my country! Obviously they have recorded the music in a studio before making the video. So – no, this is not live. I noticed in the credits that a foundation of banks in Norway have funded the synths. Nice touch. However – the comments above suggest we have a tad more european humour over here.

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