Arturia MiniFreak Synthesizer In-Depth Review

In his latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the new Arturia MiniFreak synthesizer.

The Arturia MiniFreak is a new hybrid polyphonic synthesizer that features 6 voices, 2 sound engines, a 37-note slim keyboard, built-in stereo FX, and numerous creative modulation & sequencing features.

As ever, Eliraz shares a comprehensive look at the synth, including comparing it to the original microFreak and close to an hour of audio demos.

Check out the video, and then share your thoughts on the MiniFreak in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:25 vs MicroFreak
6:30 Connectivity
7:35 Workflow
8:55 Osc controls
10:30 Osc 1 engines
14:05 Audio in
14:30 Oscillator 2
15:05 FM/RM
16:05 Digital filters
19:00 Destroy frog
19:50 Analog filter
21:30 Digital FX
25:40 Envelopes
27:45 LFOs
29:05 Waveshaping
30:20 LFO as env
30:40 Vibrato LFO
31:10 Mod matrix
34:00 Macros
34:55 Arpeggiator
38:10 Spice & dice
39:10 Sequencer
43:40 Automation
45:45 Voice modes
46:40 Paraphony
48:20 Chord & scale
48:44 Hidden gems
50:10 Pros & cons
53:50 Almost all 250 presets!

17 thoughts on “Arturia MiniFreak Synthesizer In-Depth Review

  1. Awesome review. Minifreak behaves and sounds like the Microfreak in so many ways that I think I’ll have to pass on purchasing one….but I’ll be waiting to see how it sounds when Arturia lets the system out.

  2. as a microfreak user I was initially like – might be cool, but after seeing the demo of all the new features – I am pretty damned interested in this – other than granular it kinda covers everything I would like in a digital synth – a lot more than the korg offerings

  3. Its an elegant beast that occupies an odd position in things. Comparison with several Modal, Korg and Roland synths seems natural, but unique is a fair word. Its one of the better modules-with-minikeys of the last few years. The bundled VST version is a real eye opener.

    I wouldn’t use it as a main axe, but as a team player assigned to a track on a DAW or workstation, you bet. Serviceable travel synth, too. Listen to the lengthy patch list at the end. It’ll tell you most of what you’ll want to know.

  4. I still think it would be awesome if a large version of this were made both with the huge modulation matrix and increasing the polyphony to three or four times what the mini offers.

  5. I like everything about this but the polyphony. 6 voices limits the way you can play tremendously.

    The Prologue’s 16 voices is the minimum for me to feel like I can play without being limited.

  6. Yes – I will replace my Keystep 37 with this. it is my main keyboard at the moment because i need travel sized gear, and i already have a Hydrasynth desktop

    honestly my setup was already complete…. but this is a no-brainer swap-out

    1. It actually doesn’t make much sense. You already said your setup is complete and you want to keep it small for travel. If it’s the sound you like than why not wait for the plugin to be released and use your KS37?

  7. A beautiful, highly capable new synth is made, and some of the comments are simply awaiting the upgrade. They haven’t seen, heard or experienced it in any other way than a couple of online videos but they’re already onto the next big thing. Ridiculous.

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