Free Update For Korg SQ-64 Adds New Recording Options

Korg has introduced firmware SQ-64 ver 2.0, a free update that adds new recording options and other improvements.

Here’s what’s new in Korg SQ-64 v2.0:

  • Add drum pad mode to D-Track.
  • Add quantize setting to real-time REC Mode.
  • Add Step Rec Mode
  • Fix LED brightness to increase the 64 PAD visibility
  • Add the LATCH function to SHIFT
  • Add Step Copy function.
  • Improved Step Edit behavior (Supports new addition and deletion of note)
  • Change LOOP Mode behavior (The LOOP will not release when moving to another mode from LOOP Mode.)
  • Add other minor functions.
  • Fixed other minor bugs

See the Korg site for details

21 thoughts on “Free Update For Korg SQ-64 Adds New Recording Options

  1. Finally! I think most people (including me) thought the SQ-64 had been abandoned. Thankfully I never sold because I thought it was cool and it did the job. This makes it way better!

        1. you can’t control velocity and cutoff on the same track? are you sure about that? i understood you can edit the velocity of each step separately from the cc control.

          anyway, you have 3 tracks so if you can set them for the same channels you can control up to 3 midi parameters.
          pitch is also a cv output so with the analog output you can have a total of 14 cv outputs. maybe you can also use multiple drum tracks with s-trig mode (to have constant voltage) if it’s possible and have some interesting results.

          but the 303 don’t have any automation so actually any automation is not strictly necessity for ‘acid”, and you surly don’t need to control velocity to make acid riffs πŸ™‚

          1. Using different tracks for the same MIDI channel. Genius!

            Omg that’s so obvious now that you say it lol. Yeah the 303 doesn’t have it, but I’ve got a TB-03, where every parameter can be accessed via MIDI. Oh man, your idea changes everything – I’ve got no more gripes about the SQ-64 πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been on the fence about the SQ-64 sale on Reverb. I’ve heard a lot of pros and cons on it.

    What do people think about the SQ-64 features after this update? Does this address your wish list for fixes/features?

          1. there is the big issue that you can’t understand how important the pro/cons someone emphasis so much is important to you, maybe it doesn’t related to you like you think it is, maybe they put so much energy into very little thing from a “trauma or other good/bad experience in his life”…
            i usually just read the all manual once or twice, following the company give it a year or two, i don’t usually even listen to demos. everything sounds great anyway, but i’m not quick to buy anything, i’m like the worst costumer but never had buyer remorse with audio gear. well maybe once πŸ™‚

            it sounded to me the more you read others opinion the less you have one of your own that is based on your individuality/experience. if i would do that i will loos confident in my decision, i don’t see how “pro/cons/wish list/fixes” provided by casual commenters here about a specific product will help me much but maybe for you they do,
            it was just a suggestion i didn’t say they don’t.

      1. lol – if you don’t care about people’s opinions, maybe you shouldn’t be reading the comments section…

        I’m with you iMan

        1. comment section is not only about “opinions”, there is additional information/technical specs, facts and references to other related products i may don’t know.
          this is usually why i’m here, but i admit sometime i get emotional by things i find irritating and forget this is the main reason, i admit this is fun too πŸ™‚

  3. …almost 2 years silence after initial release. i bought it for full price and it was useless in its initial state. thanks Korg for letting me beta test for my money and trust.

  4. Nice update tbh, however it would be great if Korg could introduce a random note feature and also allow the drum track to be able to switch to a synth track too.

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