Apple Updates Logic Pro With Smart Tempo, Track Stacks, 35 Stompbox Plugins, Ableton Link Support & More

Apple has updated Logic Pro, GarageBand and MainStage with a variety of new features and bug fixes.

Here’s what’s new in Logic Pro 10.7.5:

  • Smart Tempo – A new Free Record transport button easily enables recording without a metronome, allowing any new content to follow the organic tempo of your performance.
  • Gain Tool – The new Gain Tool provides quick and easy adjustments to the dB level of regions.
  • Track Stacks allow an additional level of hierarchy, offering more flexibility and organization within projects.
  • MIDI plug-ins can now be recorded, allowing precise editing of the resulting notes and controller data.
  • Smart Tempo analysis of audio files and recordings have been significantly improved with a new ML-based system.
  • The 35 stompboxes in Pedalboard are each available as individual plug-ins.
  • Logic can use Personalized Spatial Audio profiles created with iOS 16.
  • Support of 32 bit floating point format audio files for playback without conversion.
  • Support for Ableton Link allows Logic playback to synchronize with supported software and hardware.
  • New hard-hitting presets for Stereo Out channel strip will add punch to electronic and hip-hop productions.

Apple also made minor updates to GarageBand – adding new Sound Pack content; and MainStage – adding the 35 stompboxes in Pedalboard as individual plug-ins.

9 thoughts on “Apple Updates Logic Pro With Smart Tempo, Track Stacks, 35 Stompbox Plugins, Ableton Link Support & More

  1. WOWWWWWAAAAA….HOW EXCITING….35 MEDIOCRE GUITAR PEDAL EMULATIONS WOWWWWWW……jkjkjkjk – in all seriousness imma nest so many track stacks you don’t even know! MIDI recording is nice, and I’ll accept that 32bit floating audio – The clip gain was there and available via shortcuts so the new tool only helps lazy people, but sure, you’re welcome lazy people. All in all, I accept.

    1. Duh… Xl didnt have the same visual sting to it than XL. Maybe XX? But then the next version would have to be XXX and Apple isnt that cool.

  2. Amazing update – I still wish Apple would allow direct CV control over modulars with a DC-coupled audio interface like Ableton and some other software does …

    1. Thats what I hope they include, some modulators like bitwig and ableton. They already have the scene (looping) functionality of both programs, might as well go big and give us more than the LFO midi FX. Automation is cool but… you know. Custom modulation shape sync’d to tempo at 1/8 tweaking your filter cuttoff is just kewl now. Especially in a daw cause no physical knob fiddling while recording and the mouse just doesnt cut it.
      I know, just use another DAW. I get it.

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