Moog Retires Dark Series Matriarch, Grandmother Synthesizers

Moog has announced that it has officially ended production of its Dark Series Matriarch & Grandmother synthesizers:

“With our final run of Dark Series Matriarch and Grandmother synthesizers built, calibrated, tested, inspected, and carefully packaged for their upcoming travels, production of this series has officially come to a close. Both instruments are still available (for now!) at dealers worldwide.

Thank you for all the love you’ve shown to this edition of Grandmother and Matriarch over the last couple of years ??”

The original colorful  versions of the Matriarch & Grandmother remain in production.

18 thoughts on “Moog Retires Dark Series Matriarch, Grandmother Synthesizers

  1. They look great in the dark colour but I think the multi coloured approach of the original units are actually better suited for quick patching and live tweaking as you can see what is going where a bit more easily. Both great sounding and playing instruments.

  2. hmmm, in the past Moog would have devices for 5 years…or more before they retired…

    Dark Series Matriarch was released only 2 years ago….

  3. I don’t get why they don’t continue to offer both colorways. Isn’t this basically just a big sticker? And both versions sold well apparently. Why not ship both?

    1. All synth companies act like black colouring is some kind of rare luxury

      Moog, Arturia, Elektron, countless other eurorack companies… others too

      Some even charge extra for it

      Absolute bollocks as far as I’m concerned

  4. Have the Grandmother Dark. It is a beautiful instrument. I like the multi-colors and all, but there is an elegance to the dark series.

    1. crall – it is a little confusing.

      Earlier in the year, they announced “Production of our Dark Series Grandmother and Matriarch semi-modular analog synthesizers will be ending soon.”

      Now they’re announcing that production has officially ended.

      With the early announcement, that at least gives people who are on the fence about buying fair warning that they’re retiring the product. Used prices on Moog products tend to spike once they are retired, like the Sirin and the Model D.

      1. They make good products so aggressively marketing the paintjob is kinda sad. Perhaps they’ll follow TE’s lead and release an IPA.

  5. when I read a few months ago, that they will retire the dark matriarch I went out and bought one and immediately. I had sneaked around purchasing this synth since it came out, but only the announcement pushed me through. I always thought the colorful one is looking really cheap.

  6. It’s smart the way that Moog makes limited editions of some of its synths.

    For buyers, it means that you synth is going to keep its value. Look at what’s happened with the gear that Moog’s retired – the Moogerfoogers, Sirin, the modulars – they’ve all gone way up. You could buy one, use it for a few years, and sell it at a profit.

  7. I too thought I was reading an old post as I also went out and bought a dark Matriarch when the last announcement was made. No regrets. I agree the colored option is probably easier to patch but why oh why that ugly color palette! Tbh, I think even my dark edition looks a little cheap with those plastic end caps, big red plastic buttons and thin plastic mod/pitch wheels. Sitting next to a slew of sequential/DSI synths … it looks a little sad. The sound though!!!

  8. I just took delivery of a dark edition Matriarch last week, and it was confirmed to me that mine was one of the last ones to come off the production line. Glad I got it when I did. Now, the ones the dealers have are about it–they’re gonna be gone soon. I don’t hate the color version, but I came up in the 70’s and still have my Minimoog Model D that I bought in 1972, so I appreciate the similar design aesthetic. I should add that I’m knocked out by this thing–it sounds and plays great, and I’m having a ball getting to know it, and all the things it can do. Great build quality, too. Moog remains a class act after all this time.

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