Teenage Engineering’s Latest Project Is An Okinawa Lager

Teenage Engineering‘s latest project is beer – an Okinawa style lager.

TE says that the lager – made in collaboration with Stigbergets – is a “light-tasting beer with hints of tropical grain, a nod to the rice-brewed beers of the region”.

Stigbergets TE Okinawa lager is described as having ‘fruity, slightly malty taste with hints of light bread, lemon, lime and bergamot.” They suggest pairing it with vegetarian dishes or with fish or seafood dishes, preferably with a spicy seasoning.

TE Okinawa lager is available in Sweden.

If any readers can get ahold of this, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

39 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering’s Latest Project Is An Okinawa Lager

    1. I think this company is similar to Behringer.
      If you have purchased their products and have been plagued with supplies that never come in, you will understand what I mean.

    1. but will they have it or will you have to special order it…..that is the question….gonna visit Sweden soon, I will try it

  1. I love that this was leaked first on the reddit synth circle jerk sub. At least one brand is becoming a serious provider to the synth community.

  2. Look, it’s fine if Teenage Engingeering want to brew beer, and no doubt they will make it taste like Vegan Sushi with added Silicon, and price it at 50 dollar for a 10ml vial, trolling millionaires to become a millionaire yourself is apparently the core philosophy of the company, and while I think that that is distasteful and morally questionable, there’s no actual laws forbidding them to do that.

    But can we all at the very least agree now that they are not a music technology company, they are a fashion brand, so any further updates on their output should be printed in Vogue, or other magazine that is interested in fashion. There’s no need for it on a website that should be about synthesizers.

    There really isn’t any link anymore to anything to do with professional music technology, so let’s just stop pretending that there is such a link. If Heineken releases an electronic noseflute as a novelty item with a crate of beer for the upcoming World Championships, we’re not going to spend the next 10 years updating everyone in the nosefIute community about all the other stuff this “noseflute company” is doing.

    So why are we still reporting on every item released by a company that occasionally releases a novelty music toy product for people who desperately aspire to one day possibly become a genuine wannabe hipster, along with all the other 600 dollar T-shirts and “magic” bluetooth speakers? I for one really couldn’t care less what deeply tragic aspirational clickbaitey novelty item TE release next. Inform me when they release their first actual synthesizer.

  3. I watch way too much Shark Tank to see a happy ending at the end of this rainbow. They doing too much and we all know how this will turn out. First music gear, carry bags and clothes, now beer. I give them 5 more years.

    1. TE is a design firm. Their interest in electronic gear appears secondary.

      Their business model seems a lot more coherent than many eurorack makers: “Um, let’s make a stereo oscillator with, um, wavefolding and, um, an oscilloscope…”

      1. Thats god to know. Expensive taste spawns an urgency to make lots of money =. more synths for us hopefully. Or maybe they’s have Teenage Engineering Hindi popsicles.

  4. I for one kinda wish everyone would quit consuming alcohol in general, including beer. Because the negative outcome of this kind of drug abuse shows everywhere.

  5. Seems illogical in today’s climate (at least in the USA) to market a beer made/labeled by a company called Teenage Engineering. I guess Sweden is very different in attitude.

    1. 24 other commenters (at current count), apparently disagree. It is a unique, almost “April Fools Day” level story about a company that to date has ONLY made musical equipment. It seems appropriate as a fun story.

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