Music For 10 Mother-32 Synthesizers

This video captures a live performance of Nicolas Bernier‘s Transfer for 10 monophonic synthesizers (2022), by Ensemble d’oscillateurs.

“This is most probably the first score ever written for, and performed on, ten Moog Music Mother-32 synthesizers,” notes Bernier. “The ensemble is now collaborating with composers to expand the repertoire towards a variety musical outcomes that will grow over the next years.”

Performed by Ensemble d’oscillateurs:

Marc-Antoine Bernier, Gabrielle Caux, Hubert Crépin, Mathieu Drolet, Gabriela Hébert, Rémy Jannelle, Loic Minty, Gael Moriceau, Zacharie Perreault-Samson, Charles St-André

11 thoughts on “Music For 10 Mother-32 Synthesizers

  1. They’re going to be so crestfallen when I release “Music for 32 Mother-32 Synthesizers” 32 years from now.

    1. We would have killed for this when I was in school. We had to share a single modular system and check it out for 2 hours at a time.

      The ensemble has found an inexpensive way to create a platform for exploring scored classical music with electronic instruments. The closest thing to this that I can think of is the iOS electronic music group that was featured on Synthtopia a few years ago.

      This seems like a really cheap way to create an electronic music ensemble. You can get 10 Mother-32s for less than the cost of a single decent classical instrument.

      1. …also The Volca Massaker Orchester (search on YT) comes to my mind.
        …and the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble (played also at Superbooth with schoolkids)
        and for this one…i like it, looks pretty good planned and sounds like 10 Mother-32´s…a complete concert could be great. interested in what comes next…

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