Arturia MatrixBrute Synthesizer Gets VST & Standalone Editor

Developer Momo Müller has introduced a MIDI Patch Editor, available for Mac & Windows, for the Arturia MatrixBrute synthesizer.

The MatrixBrute Editor gives you direct access from your DAW to the MatrixBrute’s parameters. And with the VST version, you can record controller movements.


  • Complex sound changes can be made easily and quickly.
  • Change MatrixBrute Sounds directly from Editor.
  • All controllers can be automated.
  • X-Y modulation of all parameters
  • You can use your MatrixBrute as a sound module in the DAW.

Pricing and Availability

The Arturia MatrixBrute Midi Editor / Controller is available for 6,90€ / $ 7 .

8 thoughts on “Arturia MatrixBrute Synthesizer Gets VST & Standalone Editor

  1. Fantastic, finally! I’ve been waiting for it ever since I discovered the Polybrute Connect editor/librarian. With the librarian searching and browsing sounds is almost as fast as with a software synth.

    1. Sorry, I misread the post and thought this was an official Arturia editor. Well, while waiting for the official editor to arrive (if ever) this will be a welcome substitute.

  2. I have a polybrute but I really really miss the matrixbrute. The matrix is the best so its nice to have it on the polybrute but its not as deep as the matrixbrute. One of the heaviest synths I’ve ever owned but its always sounded good, just could never find a spot for it in my room that wouldnt break a table.

  3. Love Momo’s work, but it’s too bad this does not support the modulation matrix. I wonder if Arturia ever brings out an official editor and if the matrix is remote-controllable at all.

  4. I’m blessed to have a room with many classics but the Matrixbrute finds its way into more of my compositions. Not just because of the ease of use, but because of the sound. Having this editor will be great for folks that rely on sequencing and remote parameter control.

  5. Now while this is all well and good i can’t help but wonder what kind of pervert would prefer to stare at a screen and scroll a mouse while one of the main perks of the Matrixbrute is the hands-on knob-per-function workflow. Patch management is a definite plus though.

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