Best Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Deals For Electronic Musicians 2022 Monster List

It’s that time of year again – time for holiday electronic music gear deals!

This year, Synthtopia has rounded up a monster list of hardware and software deals for electronic musicians, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and end-of-year holiday deals.

These companies are offering gear or software specials for the holidays. Note that these are limited-time specials, so check out the sites for details.

CompanyProductDealEnd Date
IntuaBeatmaker Pro50% off 2022-11-28
Ashun Sound MachinesHydrasynth synthesizersDiscounts up to $3002022-11-28
AbletonLive 11, Push, Sound Packs20% off2023-01-11
SoundToysDiscounts on Soundtoys 5, Effect Rack and other plugins. Plus get Little Radiator for free!Various deals up to more than 50% offeal up to more than 50% off2022-11-28
Perfect CircuitAlmost all items"Best deals of the year". Use code CIRCUIT10 to save 10% on select non-sale items* 2022-11-28
ArturiaV Collection 9, FX Collection 3, Pigments50% off2022-12-06
ModalicsBeat Scholar50% off2022-11-28
Universal Audio130+ UAD Plug-Ins Up to 60% off2022-11-25
MuToolsMuLab 90 App & Plugin Bundle20% off2022-11-28
Inertia Sound SystemsVarious audio effectsUp to 60% off2022-12-05
Image LineFL StudioUp to 47% off2022-11-30
Function LoopsBlack Friday Sampler 2022$90 in sounds for $3.992022-11-25
BOOM LibraryAll audio plugins25% off2022-11-28
Spitfire AudioVirtual instrumentsUp to 75% off2022-11-28
Impact SoundworksAll bundles on saleUp to 50% and more2022-11-29
ADSR Sounds6 CTHULHU Packs for $20Up to 95% off2022-11-30
KorgMusic apps and softwareUp to 50% off2022-11-30
SamplesonVirtual instrumentsUp to 60% off2022-11-30
MartinicVirtual instruments & effectsUp to 60% off2022-12-05
Waves Audio160 plugins and bundlesLowest prices ever2022-11-27
Dear RealitydearVR Mix and EXOVERB Up to 50% off2022-11-29
Motion Soundscape iOS/AUv3 appsDiscounts on all apps2022-11-30
Alonso SoundSound packs & bundlesUp to 80%2022-11-30
SonuscoreThe Orchestra series Kontakt libraries Up to 50% offVarious, see site
Ample SoundVirtual instrumentsVarious discounts2023-01-01
Chicken SystemsTranslator 7 Pro, Korg CreatorUp to 50% off2022-11-28
LoopcloudLoopcloud subscriptions2 months for 2$2022-12-06
LoopmastersSHARP – Pop Bundle i80% off2022-12-04
PlughuggerAll soundsets & samples50% off everything2022-11-30
FeelYourSoundBundles & single productsUp to 31% off2022-12-02
Excite AudioSingle plugins and bundlesUp to 50% off2022-12-05
Digital Brain Instruments Software tools and bundlesUp to 50% 0ff2022-12-04
TAL-SoftwareVirtual instruments & effectsUp to 40% off2022-11-28
KlevgrandAudio pluginsUp to 70% off 2022-12-05
ROLIMPE instruments and software Up to 40% off2022-12-01
One Man TribeFull drums and percussion samples catalog97% off2022-11-30
ApogeeAudio interfaces, plugins and bundles.Up to 50% off2022-12-05
AudioThingPluginsUp to 75% off2022-12-04
Sound Particles All applications, plugins and bundlesUp to 50% off2022-11-30
Vienna Symphonic LibraryVirtual instrumentsUp to 50% off2022-11-30
FabfilterAll plugins & bundlesUp to 25% off2022-11-28
ZynaptiqAll plugins & appsUp to 50% off2022-11-29
AudiorityAudio pluginsUp to 50% off2022-11-30
SoftubeAudio plugins & bundlesUp to 80% off2022-11-30
CMEMIDI devices30% off everything with coupon code WM302022-11-29
Reason StudiosReason 12, Reason+ and Rack ExtensionsUp to 50% off2022-11-28
iZotopeAudio pluginsSave up to $1,250Various dates, see the site
BleassSoftware synths, effects & bundlesUp to 70% off2022-12-05
Cherry AudioSoftware synths and bundles75% off and moreSee the site
Moog MusicSoftware synths and effects, deals on synths & thereminsUp to 50% offSee the site
CelemonyMelodyneUp to 50% off2022-11-30
PluginFoxAudio pluginsUp to 82% off2022-11-30
Native InstrumentsSoftware instruments, effects and expansion packsUp to 75% off2022-12-06
PolyverseAudio plugins & bundlesUp to 50% off2022-11-28
SteinbergAbsolute, Dorico, Iconica Opus, WaveLab, Cubasis, and moreUp to 50% 0ff2022-11-30
Xils-LabSynthesizers & effects75% off everything2023-01-08
GForce SoftwareVirtual instrumentsUp to 50%See the site
IK MultimediaMAX bundles, synths & other hardwareUp to 85% off2022-11-30
TracktionAll softwareUp to 65% offSee the site
Reverb.comBlack Friday Deals on hardwareVarious deals across the storeSee the site
SweetwaterSpecials on select productsUp to 80% off2022-11-27
KV331 Audio SynthmasterSynthmaster 1, Synthmaster 2 & bundlesUp to 65% off2022-11-30
DonnerVarious hardware instruments & MIDI controllersUp to 60% off2022-11-28
Apple/AmazonDeals on iPadsUp to $100 offSee the site
BeepstreetDrambo50% offSee the site
Bhatia Music Bandcamp StoreScores, Books, CDs, Downloads40% off with code THANKYOU20222022-11-29
VCVVCV Rack Pro is now available for VST3, Audio Unit, and CLAP.Save $202022-11-30
FocusriteSave with over 70% off FAST Bundle and individual plugins. 70% off and more2023-01-31
Expressive ESoftware & bundlesUp to 55% off2022-11-28
Plugin BoutiqueDeals on software synth, effects and audio softwareUp to 95% 0ffSee the site
Isotonik StudiosSoftware and sound librariesAt least 25% off everything2022-11-28
ArtiphonOrba 1 synthesizer$15 off the Orba 12022-11-28
BitwigBitwig StudioUp to $100 off2023-01-11
Yurt RockVirtual instruments, loop libraries and samplesUp to 90% off, at least 50% off everythingSee the site
AudiomodernMusic softwareUp to 35% off2022-12-04
Dekoni AudioB-stock headphone products50% offWhile supplies last
Applied Acoustic SystemsSoftware synthesizers, sound libraries and moreUp to 60% off2022-11-27
TASCAMMixers, microphones, recording tools & moreSave up to $2002022-12-21
KOMA ElektronikAll products10% off order with code BLACKKOMA222022-12-03
BehringerDiscounts on 2600, Poly D, Deepmind, other synths & drum machinesUp to $200 offWhile supplies last
NoisebugSynthesizers, modular synthesizers & more10% off everything2022-11-28
Chicago Music ExchangeAll types of gear20% off select effect pedals, 15% off select new gear, and 10% select vintage and used gear2022-11-29
PatchwerksSynths, modular gear and more10% off most gear with code PW10See the site
Control VoltageSynth hardwareUp to 43% off on Roland gear, $300 off Hydrasynth, $200 on Moog, 41% on KorgSee the site
ControlSynth hardwareThanksgiving Sale! Use Code: THX10 for 10% Off. Excludes Used & Pre'sSee the site
RobotspeakSynth hardware11% off on most in stock Gear. Use Code 11% upon check outSee the site
Detroit ModularSynths & electronic music gearUSE CODE BF10 TO SAVE 10% OFF MOST ITEMSSee the site
Mission SynthsHardware synths, modular gearNOVEMBER SALE: 10% OFF* THROUGH 11.28 CODE: KNOBVEMBER20222022-11-28
SynthcubeModular synthesizers, synth DIY projects and more20% off using code BF222022-11-28
midi-2-the-max"Software for smart musicians"50% off with coupon BLKFR22 codeSee the site
La Voix du LuthierOndes and Pyramid resonatorsCoupon MOVEMBER gives 10% on all resonatorsSee the site
Bastl InstrumentsElectronic music instrumentsSitewide 30% discount2022-11-27
Metric HaloPlugins & bundles on saleUp to 61% off2022-11-30
SonarworksReference monitoring toolsDiscounts up to 50% and moreSee the site
NovationAudio interfaces, MIDI controllers, Launchpads, Circuits & moreDiscounts on new and refurbished hardwareWhile supplies last
Korg Warehouse OutletKorg SQ64 Polyphonic Step Sequencer$129While supplies last
AvidSubscriptions to Pro Tools, Sibelius and Media ComposerUp to 33% off2022-11-27
ThomannDeals on electronic music gear & moreUp to 60% off2022-11-28
Serpens ModularEurorack modules40% of with code BLKFRD40See the site
WA ProductionDiscounts on sounds, plugins & bundlesUp to 90% offSee the site
Plugin AllianceAudio pluginsAny Plugin $24.99 or less with code BFD1-24992022-11-26
The UnfinishedCinematic & cutting edge sound libraries40% off everything with discount code: BLACKMAGIC22.See the site
Erica SynthsA diverse array of music instruments for all tastes and needs - from powerful oscillators, drums and noise sources to utility modules and unique FX.40% off2022-11-29
Alan R Pearlman FoundationDiscounts on ARP-related music, apparel & more10% off everything2022-11-30
ElektronSyntakt$200 off2022-11-30
CorsynthMU modules15% off2022-11-29
Mosaic1U synth modulesSpend $100, get 15% off sitewide.2022-11-28
Free To Use SoundsAll Sounds Bundle1.8 TB of royalty-free sounds for $15 with coupon code BLACKFRIDAYSee the site
AudiolatryPlugins and sample packsUp to 100% off See the site
VST Buzz Products from Nomad Factory, Plug & Mix, IrcamLAB, MIA Laboratories, XILS-lab.Discount of up to 85%, plus 10% off your Black Friday order with code buzzblackfriday22See the site
WaldorfPlugins & sounds50% off with coupon code 50SPAREN2022-11-28
Frequency CentralEurorack modules & softwareSave on orders of £50 or more with loveacoupon102022-11-30
Vintage VibeParts and accessories for vintage Rhodes, Clavinets & more. 25% off all in-stock parts. Use coupon code BF2022 at checkout2022-11-27
Harvest PluginsCreative MIDI generators74% off2022-11-29
Korg/AmazonMS-20 Mini24% offSee the site
ThonkEurorack, 4U, synth DIY20% off EVERYTHING when you use the coupon code NOV22 in the cart or checkout.2022-11-28
Native InstrumentsKompleteGet a hard drive with over 36k sounds, half-price before December 31.2022-12-31

If you know of other great holiday specials for electronic musicians, share them in the comments!

Note: Heartwarming holiday illustrations from Rob Meurer’s album A Synth For Christmas.

25 thoughts on “Best Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Deals For Electronic Musicians 2022 Monster List

    1. Thanks – it’s a bit of work to organize all the info, but we figure it will save readers tons of time.

      We added sorting and search this time, to make all the info easier to work with.

      There are tons of deals on software again this year, but also some good hardware deals. Sorry if this causes G.A.S.!

  1. Thank you, Synthhead, some interesting deals here and I’m sure it took a long time to compile this list! I’m going to buy the Arturia V Collection update and call it a day.

  2. There are also discounted IK Multimedia hardware; saving up to $/€200 on some analog synth and drums.
    For example UNO Synth Pro keyboard is now $/€499.99 only.

  3. After spending the last 2 hours clicking every one of these links and fighting the urge to buy anything, I can go to sleep now. Its 1:17am. Goodnight and thanks for the G.A.S…. Probably going to get Soothe 2 and Spiff on sale tomorrow:)

  4. Akai Pro are offering up to 80% off MPC Instruments, 50% off MPC Packs
    AIR are offering up to 90% off instruments
    Sonivox are offering up to 70% off instruments (and have relaunched their collection for Windows 11/Mac OS 13)
    BFD are offering up to 80% off BFD 3 and 50% off expansions.
    Revalver are offering 50% off amp and FX packs.
    2getheraudio pay what you want from $10 each and 10% goes to charity.

    All through Dec 9th

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