Manecolabs Intros Grone Wave Lofi Drone Machine

Manecolabs has introduced the latest Eurorack module in their Grone line of drone machines, Grone Wave.

Grone Wave is based on a lofi sample player engine, with 4 banks of up to 16 8-bit samples. They say that “you’ll find all kind of textures and accidents useful for ambient, musique concrete, noise and whatever nightmares you imagine.” You can control pitch, sample start and end points, and reverse them.There’s an external trigger input for retriggering from sync signals, gates or clocks.

The sample then passes through a MOJ transistor ladder low-pass filter, with resonance. The filter is also modulated by a multi-waveform LFO.

Effects are provided by a special Clouds version, with dedicated feedback, pan blend and reverb sliders to provide intuitive and immediate control.

Pricing and Availability:

The Grone Wave is available now for $465 USD.

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