Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory On His Favorite Synthesizers

In this recent Sound On Sound video, composer & producer Will Gregory (Goldfrapp, Will Gregory Moog Ensemble) shares his take on his favorite vintage and modern synthesizers.

Along the way, he takes a look at some classics, like the Roland Jupiter-4 and Korg PS-3300, and demonstrates how he plays the Minimoog using a Yamaha WX7 wind controller.

Topics covered:

00:00 – Start
00:16 – Intro with Will Gregory
02:20 – Roland Jupiter-4
06:40 – Composition and Production Process
08:05 – Minimoog with Yamaha WX7 Wind Controller
13:52 – Improvising with Hard Disk Recording
15:48 – Electronic Dream Plant Wasp
18:48 – Korg PS-3300 Polysynth
24:54 – Unexpected Results
27:05 – Moog Polymoog
32:05 – Outro

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