7 thoughts on “The Arturia MiniFreak’s Secret Superpower

  1. What is the difference between that and the notecount(polyphonycount) as a source in the modmatrix, the wellknown option found in so many synths?

    1. i dont know the terms notecount / polyphony count but i guess its a poly modulation source based on the note number that you can send poly modulation destinations to, like the minifreak effect section. its about the same like keytracking but based on chromatic jumps and polyphony.
      the minifreak effect section can have effect per voice as a destination so it can recive any poly modulation source like note number.

    1. It is the number of active notes. Increasing in the number of active notes increases value of the chosen modulation destination. Behringer Deepmind and Kodamo are some of the synths with that modulation source for shure. I dont have the complete list of synths.

      1. oh i see, so it’s the number of keys pressed at once,
        (not the position, frequency or note number/midi not number)

        but anyway, this video is about the effect section of the minifreak that can be used as a poly destination. you can inject any polyphonic source you like, poly env, lfo or poly note count,

    1. in theory you can do this (just not necessary for the effects) with any multitimbral synth.
      you do have “a and b” parts with the polybrute (kind of multitimbral) so you only need a way to to play them in round-robin, some sort of voice/notes allocator to the 2 midi channels (software or hardware) you will only have 2 “versions” (but still 6 poly) and i’m not sure if the polybrute effect section is seperate on each part but you can still modulate and change others sections separately.

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