ARP 2600 Synthesizer Masterclass

In this series of Korg videos, composer & synthesist David Mash leads a 7-part masterclass on the ARP 2600 synthesizer.

Mash was involved with the reissue of the Korg ARP 2600 FS and the release of the ARP 2600m.

While the video features the Korg ARP 2600m, most of the discussion will apply equally to the original 2600 and its various copies.

Topics covered include an overview, patching, using the voltage processors, FM inputs to the VCOs, the sample and hold, the audio processor and more.

5 thoughts on “ARP 2600 Synthesizer Masterclass

  1. I think the 2600 tutorials by Ralph Baumgarti ( have better production and much better content from an educational perspective. Some of his videos include the Behringer 2600 units, so you might want to avoid them if the sight of a Behringer device sends you into a fit of rage.

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