KOMA Komplex Sequencer – One Of The Coolest Step Sequencers Ever?

In this video, synthesist David Morley takes an in-depth look at the KOMA Komplex step sequencer.

The KOMA Komplex sequencer is a massive hardware device that features four channels of sequencing, comprehensive CV and MIDI connectivity, tons of hands-on control, built-in quantization, a CV recorder and more.

“It’s a seriously great sequencer,” notes Morley.

Here’s what Morley shared about the technical details of the demo:

KOMA Komplex
Roland SH-2 via Midi
Fenix I modular via CV Gate

If you’ve used the KOMA Komplex sequencer, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

10 thoughts on “KOMA Komplex Sequencer – One Of The Coolest Step Sequencers Ever?

  1. It looks spectacular but had a lot of bugs in the firmware and is overly komplex for certain things (for example resetting it while synced from another source is a pita)….

  2. 4 times anything is a little special and not very basic. An mpc live is very basic, but 4 times the pads, 4 times the ram, 4 times the tracks…. kind of an Akai force which is kinda special in comparison given your taste. Cant really downplay that sequencer with that argument.

  3. The MPC ONE can do more, like save a sequence, cost less and total of 8 outs be creative add a midi controller then go to town

    1. Sure, the MPC ONE looks fantastic and amazing as well but the workflows and capabilities are very different so hard to compare, like comparing apples and oranges to a prepackaged fruit salad? 😉

  4. The real power of this sequencer lies in all those CV ins. There limitations in its implementation but all sequencers have their limits. This particular one is very playable and is a great addition to my system.

  5. The koma complex is to simple. You can not play higher resolution then 16th notes steps with it. With 80’s sequencers you can play rhytms more complex. With a midi sequencer and a good midi to cv converter box you can trigger the cv’s better. For example with a older mpc and old doepfer mcv8 you can control cv/gate 8 tracks more precisely and a lot more bars.

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