sonicPlanet Creation Lets You Synthesize Sound With A Physical Gravity Space Simulation Engine

sonicPlanet has released Creation, described as “an advanced sound design tool with a physical gravity space simulation engine with extraordinary audio-visual capabilities”.

Creation lets you synthesize sounds, based on 3D modeling of the gravitational interaction of up to 999 objects and 5 masses. Each gravitational object represents an oscillator, with a rich sound synthesis engine and modulation capabilities.

Pricing and Availability

Creation is available now for 89 Euros for OS X & Windows.

9 thoughts on “sonicPlanet Creation Lets You Synthesize Sound With A Physical Gravity Space Simulation Engine

  1. Here’s an example where a spoken description of what was happening might have made it more clear as to what this really does. Its particle generator looks pretty cool, but how the program lets you “Synthesize Sound With A Physical Gravity Space Simulation Engine” remains a mystery, at least to me. Shilling me for $90+ is going to require a lot more than that!

    1. If it feels like they need to try harder to sell you something, it’s probably by choice. sonicLab and sonicPlanet already have a loyal user base of artists and sound designers who are familiar with their workflow. Their plugins are complex and not easy to use, so marketing them as an impulse-buy item would be inappropriate for both the brand and the customer.

    2. it’s a product for folks with no intuition for creating listenable music designed by a video game designer in love with the physics engines.

  2. Eh, sounds like “Glitch-In-A-Box” unless you have a major avant-weird jones going. Its interesting, but given a choice between 5 hours on this and 5 on my existing rig….

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