Polyverse Supermodal Filter Features 27 Modes, Morphing Between Modes

Polyverse has released Supermodal V1.0.0, a powerful new audio filter plug-in that utilizes hundreds of narrow filter bands to emulate the resonating qualities of acoustic bodies.

With the addition of a parallel classic multi-mode, zero-feedback state variable filter, Supermodal allows users to shape their audio in a wide range of ways.


  • Modal filter capable of seamless morphing between modes
  • 27 Modes ranging from musical to mangled
  • 200+ presets and counting
  • Drive SVF filter input and Modal filter output
  • Modulate any parameter with fast, intuitive modulation sources
  • Cross modulate between 4 modulation slots
  • 24dB per-octave slope state-variable filter
  • Blend between SVF and Modal filter
  • Self-resonate when resonance is boosted past 100
  • Control partials to completely eliminate high or low frequencies
  • Shape modal tails with decay and damping controls

Pricing and Availability:

Supermodal is available now for US $99.

9 thoughts on “Polyverse Supermodal Filter Features 27 Modes, Morphing Between Modes

  1. I’m wondering if it includes a frequency follower so that, if you sent it a tuned sawtooth wave form some synth, it might act like an additive synthesizer, of sorts.

  2. That video makes a strong argument for the beta process!
    (Realizing now that the Polyverse team can be responsive, it makes me want to be more active in the next beta. This time, with many plugins to try, I didn’t get a chance to provide feedback.)

  3. The filters section that acts like resonators is kind of interesting. I wonder if it is sort of like an IR loader in the sense of emulating an EQ shape. If so, I wonder if some aspects can be modulated so you’d have a morphing resonator.

      1. Just over there listening to the demo audio, and it is way fascinating. If I can control the freq of the resonators via MIDI notes, I think I’m in.

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