New England Synth Fest Returns February 23, 2023

After a sold-out run this summer, the New England Synth Fest returns to the Museum of Science in Boston at the Charles Hayden Planetarium. The event features synth musicians and visualizers “like never before” in the Planetarium’s immersive full-dome environment, featuring a brand-new lineup of performers and Lobby exhibitors.

Charles Hayden Planetarium performances:
ximena with visuals by Ziaire Trinidad Sherman
Square Root of Negative Two
Mesmers with visuals by Allison Tanenhaus

Lobby performances by:
Collin Russell

New England Synthesizer Festival is a loose-knit inclusive community of synthesizer hardware and music enthusiasts. Since 2004, they have supported exhibitions, meet-ups, performances, and education, and their interests include every technology, niche, and musical style related to synthesizers. Their events welcome performers, fans, builders, collectors, professionals, hobbyists, artists, and engineers, with experience from beginner to expert.

The New England Synth Fest is at the Museum of Science in Boston on Thursday, February 23 at 7:30 pm. Tickets for the event are $15 and are available for purchase at the Museum of Science website.

9 thoughts on “New England Synth Fest Returns February 23, 2023

  1. i loved the boston science museum in the 70’s. sadly, it sucks trying to get in and out of town now.

    maybe i’ll drag my card reader and nail gun in and do a few tunes for the folks.

    1. We’ve held events at a dozen different places around Massachusetts, and the Museum of Science is one of our favorites because it’s both accessible by Green Line and car. Not many venues have both a parking garage and a dedicated T stop.

      1. yup! lots of good mass transit available in mass. I don’t go out at night anymore. can’t see well at all anymore. have a good time! sounds like a blast! maybe I can get my kids to go. :0)

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