Lippold Haken Electronic Music Synthesis Lectures (ECE 402)

Dr Lippold Haken, who’s known to many synthesists as the creator of the Continuum Fingerboard line of expressive electronic instruments, shared this series of videos from his ‘day job’ as a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois.

Professor Lippold Haken on a unicycle

The videos capture his lectures for ECE 402 – Electronic Music Synthesis. The goals of the course are to provide a familiarity with current methods of electronic/computer music synthesis and their theory of operation and design. Emphasis is on systems concepts which are not likely to change with technology, and have application in Multimedia, Sonification, User Interface, and other fields.

Topics covered:

  • Survey of Electronic Music Technology since 1900
  • Music Encoding and Generation
  • Sound Perception and Analysis
  • Subtractive Synthesis: Processing of Fixed Waveforms
  • Sampling Synthesis
  • Modulation Synthesis
  • Additive Synthesis
  • Additive Synthesis with Complex Basis Functions
  • Physical Models
  • Pitch Processing
  • Real-Time Performance Interfaces and Implementation
  • Simulated Environments

7 thoughts on “Lippold Haken Electronic Music Synthesis Lectures (ECE 402)

  1. It’s fun to see this. I went to school with Lippold. We weren’t drinking buddies or anything, but we were part of a ‘crowd’ who sometimes hung out at the UIUC PLATO electronic music lab[1]). He’s a nice fellow, and #1 with a bullet on my list of “most successful classmates”. His teaching honors are a fun read: a long string of “the only ECE faculty with distinction of ‘outstanding'”.

    Yeah, the audio is a bit hot – but if you can’t run it through a LPF processing chain to mellow it out a bit, then what are you doing here? Also: I love living in the 21st century when stuff like this is available *for free* over the Internets!

    [1] Bill Schaeffer, the inventor of the word ‘dillwad’ (and also I think he hangs out here sometimes) was another.

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