Free Piano Virtual Instrument – LABS Autograph Grand

Spitfire Audio has released Autograph Grand, the latest in its LABS series of free virtual instruments.

Autograph Grand is available as a free download for Mac & Windows.

Here’s what they have to say about the instrument behind the sound library:

“Housed in the prestigious Woodshed Recording studios in Malibu, this Yamaha C6 grand has been graced by hundreds of musical legends — from Lady Gaga, Paul Simon, Ariana Grande and Barbera Streisand, to Metallica, The Rza, and KoRn. Featuring just one preset, enjoy this piano in all its natural splendour, with pedal up/down controls and faithfully captured release triggers.”

4 thoughts on “Free Piano Virtual Instrument – LABS Autograph Grand

  1. Yes, but there are now a plethora of pianos – free and not -on the market. So why another one? It is their fourth one just on LABS – not counting the pianio pads and the electric piano.

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