FabFilter Twin 3 Now Available

FabFiter has released FabFilter Twin 3, the latest version of the virtual analog synthesizer.

Twin 3 expands and improves on its predecessor in every area, including a complete redesign of the GUI and workflow, more and better oscillators and filters, a radically powered-up modulation system, an all-new FX section and more.

Here’s what’s new in FabFilter Twin 3:

New interface and improved workflow

FabFilter has redesigned Twin 3’s interface and workflow, making it more immediately accessible, visually informative and speedy to navigate than ever, and adding new scaling options and a Full Screen mode for taking your synth programming environment to the spatial extreme.

Individual oscillators and filters can now be added and removed as required, every aspect of the filters is accessed and manipulated within a stunning interactive EQ-style display, and the darker color scheme is less tiring on the eyes over long sessions. Responsive per-oscillator oscilloscopes, a spectrogram and full visualization of modulation signals throughout the signal path let you see everything you hear, while the floating slot panels group active modulation sources at each target control for collective tweaking.

Improved oscillators and filters

Twin 3’s oscillators have been completely overhauled and now feature analog-modeled drift for subtle random pitch and phase fluctuation – as well as pulse width modulation, hard sync and phase sync.

Polyphony has been given a boost, too, with an upgraded maximum of 64 voices (double the 32 of Twin 2) and the Per Oscillator polyphony mode, which steps through the oscillators with each incoming note. Twin 3’s filters have been doubled in number from two to four and similarly enhanced, with new vintage-style bell, shelf and notch types delivering characterful non-linear distortion, and the 6dB/octave slope option and modulatable Cutoff/Peak Offset knobs opening up even more sound design possibilities.

Massive FX section and new Arpeggiator

Twin 3 introduces a supercharged new FX section, comprising six colorful processing modules for transforming and polishing your signals.

Shape dynamics and apply saturation with Compressor and Drive effects; create space and generate rhythmic echoes with Reverb and Delay; and thicken and widen the sound with Chorus and Phaser. Every FX parameter is available as a modulation target, so you can bring them to life using Twin 3’s Envelope Generators/Followers, XLFOs, XY controllers, Sliders and MIDI sources.

The new Arpeggiator, meanwhile, provides endless creative inspiration, with host sync, Groove/Legato and Rate Offset controls, and the gamut of note value and order options.

Full-featured preset browser

Twin 3’s new preset browser makes navigation and management of factory and user patches quick and easy.

Within the browser’s streamlined interface, presets can be assigned freely editable tags for filtering within the Search engine, set as favorites, and given author names and text descriptions. And if you have Twin 1 and/or 2 installed, all of their presets will appear in Twin 3 as well.

Pricing and Availability:

FabFilter Twin 3 is now available for EUR 129, USD 129 or GBP 109, supporting both Windows and macOS in VST and VST 3, Audio Units, AAX and AudioSuite plug-in formats.

5 thoughts on “FabFilter Twin 3 Now Available

  1. I always liked the Twin 2 and this being updated is nice to know. So I downloaded the demo (I have twin 2) and I was just taken back by the gui. I guess I am just so used to hardware and that form of standardized/ordinary layout design and menu implementation. I am not including eurorack in that statement.

    Just can’t do the softsynth thing anymore I guess…I just gives me that claustrophobic anxious feeling. FX plug-ins don’t give me that vibe.

      1. I think he is referring to the amount of controls and how they are represented visually. This synth in particular is quite far from the classic left to right and a bunch of dials moogy style. I kinda dig that, but everyone is different =)

  2. Tried it, found it very annoying not to have double-click to reset. I mean I always have one hand on a midi keyboard and another on the mouse, I need to be able to reset a parameter with one hand!

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