Eternal Engine MARS Polyphonic Tube Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Eternal Engine Electronic Music Instruments shared this sneak preview of MARS, a ‘Polyphonic Tube Synthesizer’, currently under development.

Eternal Engine EMI previously released the Apparatus vacuum tube synthesizer – described as “the first Russian duophonic synthesizer based on vacuum and gas-filled radio tubes.”

A second video demonstrates the MARS in 4-voice p0lyphony mode:

Details on the MARS synthesizer are still to be announced, because it is still in development. They note, “The hardware part of the synthesizer is ready. Now we are finalizing the firmware.”

9 thoughts on “Eternal Engine MARS Polyphonic Tube Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. This sounds a lot better than some of the other efforts in the tube department, which seemed to be crunch for its own sake. I’m curious about whether the tubes can be swapped, since a lot of people seem into that for guitar gear.

  2. Take my money please. These tubes can end up in landfills or instruments. I prefer the latter. Thank you for repurposing them.

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