How To Sync Your Modular Synth To A Tape Recorder

Composer & synthesist Vincent Taiani (A Last Picture From Voyager) shared this look at how to sync your modular synth to a tape recorder.

This used to be fairly common practice, but is rarely seen today. Here’s what Taiani has to say about the video:

“I this video, i explain how i synchronize my Tascam 414 multitrack tape recorder with my modular synth. This is a nice trick if you want to make something rhythmic.

For this musical piece, i made a drum tape loop on a cassette, and i use it to send beats to my modular synth. The first part of the video explain how it works, the second part is a little live music performance using this set-up. Enjoy !”

4 thoughts on “How To Sync Your Modular Synth To A Tape Recorder

  1. I just had a flashback to my teenage self synching a 4-track to an MMT-8 sequencer in the late 80s, and I don’t miss those days at all. Using cassette multitrack in 2023 is a bit like being a steam train enthusiast.

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