AUBE: Audio Unit Box Explorer Lets You Organize Your iOS AUv3 Plugins

Developer Fred Anton Corvest has introduced AUBE (Audio Unit Box Explorer), an AUv3 Organizer for iOS.

AUBE is designed to provide an overview of your audio units, effects and instruments, automatically listed and classified. Information such as group, categories and features, are already available for most of the known audio units. You can explore, filter, set your favorites (available on iCloud), share badges on social media and more.


  • Your AUv3 effects and instruments are organized
  • Information, such as group, categories and features, are already available
  • Explore, filter, set your favorites
  • Share description and badges on social media
  • Use the keyboard extension to locate your AUv3s in your host (search text field required!)
  • Universal• iCloud• Light/Dark mode

Pricing and Availability:

AUBE is available now for $5.99 USD.

7 thoughts on “AUBE: Audio Unit Box Explorer Lets You Organize Your iOS AUv3 Plugins

    1. In defense of us “collectors”– it is death by a 1000 cuts.

      Apps go on sale for anywhere from $2 to $10, so you think “I can’t afford not to buy this.” At the end of the year, you’ve spent maybe $50-100. It’s the pricing that lays the mental trap.

      Also, the plugs are so good!

      Fortunately for me, my “consumption” has slowed way down.

      For example, I didn’t buy this one (above).

    2. 472 on one of my iPads. lol TBF this includes photography, video, animation, art related but majority are music apps.

    3. I have five iPhones and five iPads. I’ve been beta testing since 2011. Currently on my iPhone 13 promax (I looked last week) I have 499 apps on it. I have hundreds of audio apps and probably 60 photo apps and another 50 video apps. You buy them when they first come out or when they are on sale. Fortunately, I started buying apps years ago, when everything was not subscription-based and apps were far more affordable. Spending $20 on an app was outrageous six years ago and now it’s a drop in the bucket. Considering how much money I’ve spent on hardware -I find it much cheaper to buy a few iOS devices and have the ability to have multiple DAW’s, effects, synths, drums, DJ, vocoders, etc…

      I’ve used hardware, iPads, and even my iPhone at many gigs. No, I wasn’t standing up in front of a bunch of people tapping at my iPhone but I was able to use Loopy and add some killer samples/loops in my set.

      It’s only been the last few years that people are realizing that iOS devices are truly a real way to make music. A lot of people have known this for many years like Tasty pixel, Kymatica, Fingerlab, BeepStreet, AudioKit, and of course the always overpriced Korg.

      So heck yeah this app is definitely going to be installed on my iOS devices ASAP. Hopefully, it will be just as useful as a AudioShare and SampleCrate are.

  1. FWIW, FAC’s plugins are great. And this looks super useful, although, it’s not very self-explanatory (to me, anyway).

    This is a functionality that iOS should have built-in– i.e., the ability to categorize and organize AUv3 plugs/VIs

  2. Yes, could be handy.

    About unknown AU’s … it says, the database update is actually free but will be available via subscription in a future version.
    What will be the subscription price?

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