Julia Bondar Live Modular Techno Performance At Superbooth 2022

This video captures a live modular performance by electronic music artist, singer and songwriter Julia Bondar at Superbooth 2022.

Bondar is also known to many electronic musicians as one of the owners of Eurorack synth maker Endorphin.es.

In the video, shared by Superbooth organizer HerrSchneider, Bondar performs a live version of her album Bonding at the SuperBooth ‘Beach Stage’.

3 thoughts on “Julia Bondar Live Modular Techno Performance At Superbooth 2022

  1. Gotta love the Bondar! I admire anyone with a one-case system because I find it so difficult myself. I feel a kinship to her miniaturisation obsession, especially how she replaced her BeatstepPro with something inspired by the BSP and shrunk the original’s 84hp into 42hp. Obviously she’s using the Roland System-1M thingy for the basses, a bit of recall always very useful in a live situation. But the portable creation station that fits in cabin baggage is a creative result in itself!

    1. The Ground Control was made specially for her I believe.
      I like her style and hope to see her live in Barcelona at some point.

  2. she has the compelling look of a renaissance woman

    the set is really cool – it seems the older i get the more i enjoy minimalism in EDM

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