GRP Synthesizer A1 Works Standalone Or As A Eurorack Synth Voice

Italian synth maker GRP Synthesizer has introduced a new compact analog synth, the GRP A1.

The GRP A1 is an analog desktop instrument that can be used as a compact tabletop synth or as part of a Eurorack modular system. Features include a MIDI-CV interface, dual LFOs, VCO, suboscillator, noise, an 18dB VCF and ADSR EG. 11 patch points mean that you can use GRP A1 to process external signals, or integrate it with other Eurorack gear.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“The Grp A1 monophonic synthesizer can be used as a stand-alone musical instrument or can be used to filter external signals through the Low Pass 18dB VCF resonant circuit. The presence of three internal signals (VCO, SUB and NOISE) ensures timbral power and ease of use. With the two Low Frequency Oscillators – LFOs (the first, integrates a Sample & Hold S&H) and the Envelope Generator ADSR, you can sculpt cyclic or transient modulation behavior.

The instrument can be powered via a USB type C cable connected to any USB 2.5A power supply.

It can also be taken out of its cabinet to be easily installed in any EuroRack modular system; it can be powered using the normal flat cables supplied with EuroRack systems.”

Here’s a GRP A1 demo video, via SchneidersLaden:

Pricing and Availability:

The GRP A1 is available now for € 491 plus VAT.

via Dave Makoun

5 thoughts on “GRP Synthesizer A1 Works Standalone Or As A Eurorack Synth Voice

  1. After years of the analog (subtractive) renaissance lately, with Behringer’s makings, VST’s of vintage gear AND new analog synths popping up, I begin to understand why the Yamaha DX7 was seen as such a breath of fresh air back in 1983:

    (and no, this is actually not flamebait): They all sound more or less the same. Some subtle, different flavors only us enthusiasts will know of and care about, the average listener will doubtfully take notice.

    And this, is just another monophonic analog synthesizer that nobody would be able to pick out in a blind test.
    The Korg Wavestate (and even the FM synth Opsix) blew me far, far, far more out of the water than any analog subtractive newbie I have heard lately.

    1. I think you’re completely correct *and* this GRP box sounds absolutely fantastic lol. i’m honestly really impressed, and i’m not often intrigue by analog monos like this these days.

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