New 5-Tier Rack System Lets You Go Big With Your Moog-Style 60HP Eurorack Synthesizer

Enjoy Electronics – makers of The Godfather 60HP Eurorack modular effects processor – has introduced the N-Rack 5, a 5-tier rack that lets you go big with Moog-style Eurorack systems.

It appears to be a fairly close copy of Moog’s rack mounts, but redesigned to accommodate larger systems.


  • 5-level support ideal for synthesizers and other 60Hp Eurorack-style equipment
  • Robust steel structure for maximum stability
  • Rubber feet provide solidity for a wide range of surfaces
  • Elegant and refined design
  • Dimensions: 18.8″ x 23.2″ x 13″ (478 x 590 x 330mm)
  • Weight: 1.70 kg

Pricing and Availability:

The N-Rack 5 is available now for €160.00.

Photo: Jacco Ville

10 thoughts on “New 5-Tier Rack System Lets You Go Big With Your Moog-Style 60HP Eurorack Synthesizer

  1. 160,- euro for 3 thin pieces of cheap metal? Yeah that sounds like Moog alright.
    Lets see which influencer is gonna promote this overpriced junk.

    1. Moog has nothing to do with this. But also it’s a low volume product, when you don’t make 10,000 units, you can’t sell it for $5. Go look at custom one off stands on Etsy, they’re even pricier 🙂

    1. the non-moog thing is called the godfather, inspired by the moog semi modulars with 4 tracks of multiple effects chains available to use. the makers of that unit are the makers of this 5 tier rack, so it can be used as intended with 4 moog units. it’s quite a beast. agree with you the rest of the moog setup here is odd to me without a dfam

    2. That’s the Godfather by Enjoy Electronics, makers of the 5 tier rack. The GF is a 4 channel effects / CV processor for the 4 other devices in the rack 🙂

  2. I’ve got the Moog 4-tier and I kind of regret switching from the 3-tier. Other than it being too tall to just plop on your main desk because it starts blocking things like monitors (both kinds), it feels wobbly in comparison to the 3-tier that could be moved around easily and felt rock-solid. At 4 units, it really starts to be a lot of weight for the thin pieces of metal so I could only imagine what 5 units would be like.

    1. They are actually very sturdy and rigid, I got the set with their The GodFather unit. The metal frame is slightly ticker than Moog’s. No more wobbliness like on the Moog 4-tier as you also experienced. I’m personally happy with them, but can see price to be an issue in comparison for many.

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