Decoding Jean-Michel Jarre’s Synthesizer Masterpiece Equinoxe

In his latest video, producer and mastering engineer Claudio Passavanti (Doctor Mix) shares his animated take on Jean-Michel Jarre’s synthesizer masterpiece, Equinoxe.

Not his other synthesizer masterpiece, Oxygène.

If you’re looking for the technical details of Jarre’s gear, you’ll want to look elsewhere. Passavanti focuses on the music, discussing how Jarre uses synthesizer sounds as characters, how he combines them to create an orchestration and how his composition and arrangement may be more complex than they initially sounds

Check it out and share your thoughts on Equinoxe in the comments!

23 thoughts on “Decoding Jean-Michel Jarre’s Synthesizer Masterpiece Equinoxe

  1. This guys needs to calm the f**k down. I cannot abide his childish delivery. Its like Timmy Mallett on steroids. A potentially interesting doc is rendered unwatchable because of the presenters choice of presenting style. Yes, he’s an adult and he chooses to speak like this.

      1. I don’t think sales figures are a great measure of brilliance.

        Actually I always thought Jarre’s work had less musical complexity than other work that I listen to. That is not necessarily a bad thing — Mozart’s music is often not very complex either (I don’t listen to that much either). It could also be that this is easy to say now that both Mozart and Jarre’s methods are so familiar as to be almost clichés. But that is maybe what John meant by “boring”. This video actually helped me appreciate what to enjoy about it.

  2. I find this guy impossible to watch. I have no idea if he’s got anything worthwhile to offer because I always have to turn his content off after the first couple seconds.

  3. Claudio is a great youtube synth guy.

    He has much better manners than some people showed in this topic.

    If you don’t like it don’t watch it.

  4. What’s great about Claudio is that he can play keys pretty well and brings quite a bit of experience from the business. There aren’t many synth youtubers like that. Matt Johnson. J3PO. Anyone else?

  5. 3 advices to critics:

    1 – Don’t watch, especially if you already know his content.
    2- Do better than him and create better videos.
    3- Checkout his curriculum! Probably much better than yours.

    I think the guy is funny and not boring.

  6. It’s a great approach to music listening. I love it.
    His manner is who he is. Everyone is different. His content is super.

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