Tubbutec Intros MC-2oh2 Upgrade For Roland MC-202 Synthesizer

Tubbutec has introduced MC-2oh2, an upgrade and feature extension for the Roland MC-202 synthesizer / composer.

MC-2oh2 replaces the original CPU, keyboard PCB and display of an MC-202, and introduces a completely new control scheme for MC-202 synthesizers. The sound remains the same, but many additional features are added.


  • Optimized for live performance, turns your 202 into a ‘groove box’.
  • Three completely independent synthesizer control channels:
  • The internal synth, the 2nd CV/gate output and a 3rd MIDI out or DRUM channel. Each channel has its own clock divider and MIDI input and output.
  • Can be clocked via MIDI, DIN-sync or trigger using the TAPE-input
  • Versatile sequencer with 32 patterns, chainable in song mode, edit patterns and songs while playing, shortcuts for quick live arrangement. Seven sequencer play directions.
  • Sequence editor with copy, paste, insert and delete options, can modify note pitch, length and note-modifiers on the fly
  • Arpeggiator with multiple octaves, seven direction modes including ‘order of key press’. Can inherit the ‘chemistry’ of existing sequences, optional euclidian mode and live shortcuts.
  • Additional modulations: Accent, Filter and PW envelopes
  • Additional noise sound with envelope.
  • 8-bit LOFI drum sample output with various sound modifiers, sample packs can be uploaded via MIDI
  • Save and recall up to 8 sets containing sequencer and modulation parameters. No batteries needed
  • MIDI CC control of all additional parameters, filter cutoff, pulse width, clock dividers and more.
  • Midi velocity can be linked to various sound parameters.
  • Various CV-input modes including a ‘direct’ mode.
  • Optional HiRes version of MC-2oh2 allows pitch bend control and microtonal tunings.
  • High quality OLED display
  • Firmware update via MIDI sysex

Pricing and Availability:

MC-2oh2 is available now for 250,00 €.

6 thoughts on “Tubbutec Intros MC-2oh2 Upgrade For Roland MC-202 Synthesizer

  1. I’m curious about the kind of person who will be thrilled by this. Probably a modular fan, since this thing’s OS is so fiddly. Still, with DAWless becoming a form of choice for a lot of people, its also easy to imagine it being fun for SH-101 lovers. Its like a module version. So yeah, its a mad scientist upgrade of Luv. I’m impressed by the depth. Nice work!

    I can just imagine someone digging madly into an old box of cords, Boss pedals & tech junk, looking for their dusty, gunked-up old MC-202. I can hear it now…. “If you even say ‘sequencer’ again, we’re getting a divorce!”

    1. Yeah, supply is meager right now, and I noticed the announcement of the Tubbutec upgrade bumped the prices even further. I remember occasionally seeing the 202 for under 1k a few years ago.

  2. amazing ,cool it does add value ,,,… but — not a easy upgrade and your mc202 is no longer vintage .. i hope behringer makes a mc202 clone with similar functionality for the cost of this upgrade

    1. “your mc202 is no longer vintage”

      I see this as no different than the mods that are popular with vintage Minimoogs, or third-party firmware updates for keyboards like the Pro-One.

      These make your vintage gear more useful and buyers see them as enhancements.

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