New Synth, OVUM, Designed For Exploratory Sound Synthesis

Crows Electromusic, a new synth company from Vancouver, Canada, has introduced OVUM, a standalone all-analog tool for exploratory sound synthesis.

OVUM gives direct control of five independent triangle-core oscillators, with individual controls for each function. The developers say that OVUM’s un-quantized interface is perfect for exploring pure tones, drones, and microtonal sound textures.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“During development of OVUM we’ve had the pleasure of handing the instrument to people who’ve never touched a synth in their life – and then watch their eyes light up as they discover how easy it is to make strange and beautiful sounds when they’re unconstrained by conventional time signatures and musical scales. We think people of all ages, musical abilities, and experience levels are going to love this instrument.”

OVUM Sounds Demo:


  • 100% analog circuitry
  • Five voices
  • Triangle and square wave triangle-core oscillators
  • One-control-per-function interface
  • Unique control system
  • Fully standalone, just add headphones
  • Wood and aluminium enclosure
  • USB powered

Pricing and Availability:

OVUM is available now for $129 USD.

13 thoughts on “New Synth, OVUM, Designed For Exploratory Sound Synthesis

  1. honestly really delightful interface and form factor for something so simple. it does a very simple thing very elegantly. i do wish one could potentially cycle through voices but without any digital components and brains it seems this will remain a simple tone blender. cute tbh, and price seems right for what it is.

  2. Interesting how a cloned synth copy by a megacorp always immediately attracts dozens of comments but a truly original and creative device like this gets little notice.

    1. Most electronic musicians just want to relive their high-school synth god fantasies.

      Old guys want to get their Keith Emerson or Rick Wakeman on. Middle aged guys want an 808/303 setup, or whatever BoC or Aphex Twin used, etc.

      So everybody wants to argue about the pros and cons of knockoffs of gear from 50 years ago. Behringer understands how stupid people are!

    2. “unconstrained by conventional time signatures and musical scales.”

      it means it can’t do anything, lol
      why talk about this?

  3. it’s extraordinarily rare that i see something and buy or pre-order it on sight, but this one – for whatever reason – ticked the right boxes to just go for. hope it’s a good lil machine!

  4. it is cool – I just wish there was a trs midi or usb midi instead of just power so that you could control the pitch in non – knob format. I can think of more than a few controllers I have around that would be fun to pair with it

  5. Plywood? Really? Having just bought a Landscape Noon (another plywood-housed device) after working for years in the industry as a repair tech, I have to ask if this is the way we want devices to be built? I guess I’m complicit in this BS (having fed the proverbial bears) but wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of environmentally stable carcass to house our synth systems so we can maybe use – and work on/ repair – them in the future?
    Don’t get me wrong, I recycle, I like trees. But I also like being able to fix my shit.

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