1010music Blackbox Sampling Studio Gets Major Update

1010music shared this video introduction to Blackbox v3.0, a major update to their compact sampling studio that they say is “a significant step forward for sequencing, songwriting, and arrangement.”

Here’s what’s new in Blackbox 3.0:

  • Each of the 16 sequences now have 4 layers. You can sequence and switch between all 64 layers for more advanced songwriting.
  • You can now double a sequence. Double will double the length and content. Double allows you to write in smaller sections and extend as needed.
  • The new Song mode can have up to 32 song scenes per preset. Song scenes can control sequences, Clips, Slicers, Granular samples, and one-shots. Scenes can be looped within a song. Songs mode now has 2 loop modes. You can loop a single scene or the entire song. You can also trigger each scene individually using MIDI notes.
  • MID-only sequences are now fully independent of internal Pads.
  • MIDI routing has been redesigned. You now have more complete control over MIDI input and output. You can selectively route MIDI in, out, or thru the blackbox. You can enable or disable the USB Device port, and have total control over how clock + transport is sent and received.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
0:19 Pads – multisamples
0:38 Pads – granular samples at different pitches
0:52 Pads – slicers using different pitches
1:11 Pads – slicers using a single pitch
1:33 Pads – one-shot samples
1:48 Pads – granular samples at original pitch
1:59 Pads – start/stop synced clips
2:15 – Internal keys/grid keyboard
2:42 – 16 sequences. 4 layers
3:10 – sequence CLR vs clear
3:23 – sequence double
3:38 – pads sequence
4:02 – keys sequence
4:36 – midi sequence
5:07 – sequence midi output
5:26 – song mode
5:54 – song mode keep
6:07 – song mode loop
6:21 – song mode scene triggers
6:55 – song mode scene length + repeats
7:05 – tools master control output 1-3
7:14 – tools global midi in
7:28 – tools midi seq
7:36 – tool midi out
8:26 – tools usb dev out
8:53 – tools midi clock + transport
9:13 – tools midi clock receive
9:30 – tools midi clock send
9:49 – thanks for watching

See the 1010music site for details.

4 thoughts on “1010music Blackbox Sampling Studio Gets Major Update

  1. Since it doesn’t appear that the hardware has changed, is this something that can be updated in firmware for current owners? Contrary to what’s posted above, the 1010Music site doesn’t appear to mention this update, what it actually entails, or whether it is a firmware upgrade (at least not on the linked page)..

  2. Imo the hardware is not fit enough for those tasks..I had a bitbox and a black box and both crackled away like hell when playing a 16 bar sequence with onboard and sampled drums, a Rhodes sample of 3 secs and an auto sampled short bass. It was not possible to play these 3 components without all sorts of errors and it was also impossible to get useful answers or help so both were returned.

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