9 thoughts on “Switched-On Händel On A Roland Juno-60 Analog Synthesizer

  1. I never really liked any of the reasonably priced Japanese analog synths all that much. Only because of the very large Juno-60 sample library I have available to me in Kurzweil formatted samples, have I really given it a more detailed listening (and I like it more than I thought I would). As far as that bland Japanese synth sound goes, there is a lot that the Juno-60 had to offer, apparently. It’s not my cup of tea (nor are any of the other Roland or Yamaha analog synths [and, yes, that includes the grossly over-rated CS-80]), and I finally determined that I’m not racist because I absolutely love the sound of the Korg Prologue.

  2. Elmar shows how much even a modest synth can do, giving Handel an enjoyable nod. I find the Junos a bit thin on their own, but I got a lot from stacking a Juno-1 and MKS-50, treating them as one instrument. They did a lot for pads and keyboard sounds. It added more welcome weight than you’d think on first glance.

    1. They are supposed to, as it’s based on an arrangement for violin and viola. It’s not a pop song 😉

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