Custom Overlays For The Roland MC-101 & TR-6S has introduced a new set of overlays for the Roland MC-101 and TR-6S.

Their overlays let you customize the look of your gear and, in some cases, document hidden shortcuts on the panel:

  • The ‘Performer’ designs feature all original front panel labeling, plus several additional key combinations
  • The ‘Maximum’ designs feature all the labeling on the ‘Performer’ designs, plus numerous additional key combinations, shortcuts, and cheat-sheet notes
  • In addition to these, there are also TR-6S overlay designs reminiscent of select drum machines from Roland’s past

Each of the new designs feature high-contrast graphics and large fontsm whenever possible for easy viewing in low light.

Pricing and Availability:

The new overlays are available now, price at $27 USD each.

2 thoughts on “Custom Overlays For The Roland MC-101 & TR-6S

  1. I like that the covers reveal how terrible Roland is in designing instruments.
    Lets see what the next instrument with 20 million hidden features be like.

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