Waves Announces SuperRack Performer – Mix Live with Plugins, Natively on Mac & PC

Waves Audio has introduced SuperRack Performer, a Waves plugin host that turns your Mac or PC into a live sound system.

SuperRack Performer is designed to let you use studio processing chains live, with per-instrument effects, the ability to quickly save and recall presets, and the ability to tune your output to solve venue problems.


  • Native Waves plugin host for live performances.
  • Get your exact studio sound on stage.
  • USB sync with digital consoles; no additional cabling.
  • App optimized & streamlined for live show use.
  • Recall snapshots remotely using the Waves mRecall app
  • Get top tier-sound at any show, of any size or budget.
  • Solve room problems with Waves’ specialized plugins.
  • Run up to 64 stereo plugin racks.
  • Stable & reliable for live shows with minimal latency.

Pricing and Availability:

SuperRack Performer is available now for $99 USD.

6 thoughts on “Waves Announces SuperRack Performer – Mix Live with Plugins, Natively on Mac & PC

    1. LiveProfessor looks good but Audioström seems to have changed their license conditions now.
      They offer a perpetual license for €99 with the benefits of:
      LiveProfessor plugin host – no time limit
      All updates free for 24 months
      Valid for one user on three systems

      Any of the many live plugin hosts that have snapshot/scenes/states would do the trick such as:
      Cantabile (PC)
      Gig Performer (PC, Mac)
      VST Live (PC, Mac)
      Camelot (PC, Mac, iOS)
      KeyStage (iOS)

      Your DAW at a push could probably handle the task. I know that Reaper is flexible enough.

    1. Like it or not, Israel is a strategic western ally.
      A blanket boycott as you’re suggesting seems misplaced.
      There is a healthy proportion of moderates in Israel posing significant resistance to the hardline.
      More research of the policies of Waves company should be provided before advocating a boycott.

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