Korg microKORG Crystal Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary Of A Classic Synth

Korg today introduced microKorg Crystal, a new 20th anniversary variant of the microKORG.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Two decades ago, the portable, battery-powered microKORG was born with a radical new micro-keybed, a powerful Vocoder and ready-to-use sounds.

This compact sound monster introduced synthesis to a vast number of non-keyboard playing musicians and created a way of making music we now take for granted: a small keyboard resting unassumingly atop a larger one onstage, made for use by hobbyists and pros alike and finding itself front and center of studios worldwide from the smallest bedroom to the largest pro recording facility.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of its release, the special edition microKORG Crystal offers a unique and stunningly stylish take on this beloved synth – now a classic in its own right.”

20th Anniversary Model

The microKORG Crystal features a new take on the structure of the microKORG, with a semi-translucent chassis that lets you see the electronics and internals. Even the controllers are semi-transparent, including the knobs, dials and wheels.

The microKORG Crystal features a stainless mirror-finish front panel that is designed to coordinate with the semi-translucent knobs and dials. And, while the original microKORG featured wooden side panels that suggested a retro feel, the new microKORG features aluminum side panels.

The microKORG Crystal also includes a dedicated carry bag made of transparent vinyl.

Pricing and Availability:

The microKORG Crystal is available to pre-order for $529.99 USD.

12 thoughts on “Korg microKORG Crystal Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary Of A Classic Synth

  1. Re-marketing an existing product, and charging $100 more. Is Korg out of ideas? They just did a similar thing with the Minilogue.

    1. Does anybody have a more comprehensive and creative lineup of synths right now than Korg?

      They got everything from the low-end volcas to the high end reissues, hardware/software, and cool products across the line.

      As popular as the microKORG is, they’d be idiots not to put out an anniversary edition like this.

  2. Can’t think of less interesting announcement. Well, I guess it could’ve been another Microkorg XL colour.

  3. This Korg is adapted to living in deep underground caverns. This explains the translucent skin and the illumination that serves to attract synth players.

  4. Their software version of this is a bigger bargain, for the added polyphony alone. Its 100% compatible with the hardware version, too. Its a good workhorse, either way. The clear case is spacey & cool, especially if you have a studio bong.

  5. More versions of this yet they cancel the OPsix….the synth
    I really wanted, and then I missed out on the blowout sale….?

    NGL though, this looks really cool

  6. Isn’t the synth engine in the MicroKorg the RADIAS engine? It’s like celebrating the Ford Pinto and not the Mustang.

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