The Echo Fix EF-X3 Is ‘The Best Tape Echo You Can Buy’

In this video, synthesist Federico Chiesa (OoraMusic) shares his take on the Echo Fix EF-X3, a modern tape echo machine that builds on the tradition of vintage effects like the Roland Space Echo.

The EF-X3, at its core, is a analog hardware tape delay. But it goes beyond old-school tape delays, with additional controls and options. Features include stereo ping pong delays from a mono source, analog BBD Chorus, Analog Spring Reverb, CV control and more.

Chiesa calls the EF-X3 “the best tape echo you can buy”. Check out the review, and share your thoughts on the Echo Fix EF-X3 in the comments!

Topics discussed:

00:00 Introduction
03:48 Overview
07:15 Cv control
10:50 Different modes
19:00 As a reverb / chorus only effect
20:40 How the stereo panning make this thing amazing
22:40 Compared to the Space Echo
26:00 Example 1 : with Machinedrum // Dub
29:40 Example 2 : with Vermona Perfourmer and Make Noise 0-Control// Experimental, Melodic
34:30 Example 3 : As an Aux Send
39:10 Conclusions

See the Echo Fix site for details.

3 thoughts on “The Echo Fix EF-X3 Is ‘The Best Tape Echo You Can Buy’

  1. I drooled over the first two iterations of the Echo Fix, but felt it could benefit from stereo delay. I absolutely love this Echo Fix EF-X3 version with 4 individual outs(one for each head). I also love that they ditched the DSP chorus and added an analogue BBD chorus instead in the new version. To my ears, BBD chorus sounds way better. If I could afford it, I would totally get it. For now, I’ll have to be happy with my delay plugins. Then again, I do have the Matriarch which has a beautiful sounding BBD delay.

  2. An Australian company

    After taxes and shipping are added the price works out close to €5000

    Which is fairly absurd

    You could buy a real Roland Chorus Echo – have it serviced and still have enough money to build a small eurorack case of complimentary analogue FX and filters

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