New iOS Synth, Hilda, Features The Most Interesting Aspects Of ‘West Coast’ And ‘East Coast’ Synthesis

Developer Bram Bos has introduced Hilda Synthesizer for iOS, a synth that inspired by the most interesting aspects of both West Coast and East Coast synthesis.

It features a wave folder, lowpass gate, and audio-rate modulations, but also a 12-mode filter and traditional VCA circuit.

Bos says that all parts of the instrument are carefully circuit-modeled to sound as analog (or digital, where applicable) as possible. Here’s a video intro, via Gavinski‚Äôs Tutorials:


  • Full Audio Unit compatibility (AUv3 instrument, audio effect and MIDI processor modes supported)
  • Universal design (iPhone and iPad; iPad Air 2 or higher recommended)
  • Built-in analog style 16 Step MIDI Sequencer with custom scale
  • 12 mode filter, based on the Oberheim Xpander design
  • Drone mode lets you [partially] bypass the VCA/LPG and just go with the flow
  • DIY Lo-Fi delay circuit emulation
  • Live pads with effects that can be triggered via the UI (or via exposed AU Parameters)
  • All synth settings exposed a AU Parameters (for automation and MIDI learning in your host of choice)
  • MIDI Processor plugin mode disables synth to save CPU

Pricing and Availability:

Hilda is available now for $12.99 USD.

7 thoughts on “New iOS Synth, Hilda, Features The Most Interesting Aspects Of ‘West Coast’ And ‘East Coast’ Synthesis

      1. Yes with my current Android root you can run both ios apps for testing purposes but also in parallel with each other.

  1. Bram Bros make some great fun synths. Ripplemaker, Ruismaker, Troublemaker and many others are less than $10. For me it is a cost effective way of adding new and different stuff to a dawless setup even if it’s an ipad serving as a VST player pretty much.

  2. It’s this kind of stuff that makes it really hard for me to invest in hardware. I know, actual knobs, real analogue richness, etc. But if you factor in the compactness, lack of cable management, and holy crap the cost, it’s really hard.

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