Reason Studios Intros Objekt Physical Modeling Synthesizer

At Superbooth 2023, Reason Studios introduced Objekt, an instrument that lets you synthesize a wide range of sounds using physical modeling.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Objekt excels at both realistic reproductions and new imaginary instruments that doesn’t exist. Until now. Move any parameter to see what happens. Use the powerful randomizer to slightly alter a patch or morph it to a brand new direction. Start from scratch and see where you end up. Objekt’s designed to be explored on your terms.

Objekt is perfectly integrated into the Reason Rack workflow with the familiar browser, native undo, CV and audio cables, and more. You can even connect any audio signal to the External Input and use any sound to excite the instrument’s resonators to incredible effect, think of it like an “acoustic vocoder”.


  • Open-ended physical modeling synthesis for unique acoustic sounds
  • Dynamic, lifelike, and easily customizable
  • Powerful randomizer for instant variation and inspiration
  • Over 500 included patches
  • Included with Reason+
  • Requires Reason 10.1 or later. The included Combinator patches require Reason 12.

Audio Demos:

Reason Studios Object Intro Video:

Pricing and Availability:

Objekt is available now with an intro price of $79 USD, or as part of Reason+.

14 thoughts on “Reason Studios Intros Objekt Physical Modeling Synthesizer

  1. This instrument truly hits the bulls-eye of what I have been wanting for a long time. I.e., taking Sculpture to another level. It’s a bummer that it is stuck inside Reason. I wish it was an la carte AU/VST instrument. But if it was subscription only, I’d probably pass.

    Also, this video is such a great example of how to demo a new plugin. Lots of info, and great sonic examples. Slick, but too slick. (YMMV).

  2. I absolutely love Reason. I would also love to see this as hardware. ReasonStudios link up with Behringer and make it so please.

  3. Hell of a good demo! The external input is like a super-vocoder. The third resonator gives it a small edge against Chromaphone 3’s two, a superior plug which I still recommend. If this was a standard VST, I’d be on it. Its far more accessible than Sculpture, as stub says. Physical modeling is catching on as a big-sounding option with a small system footprint, but you’ll have to think beyond just subtractive synthesis to get the goodie from it. A no-brainer for Reason users.

  4. I wonder how much interest there would be in this as an a la carte AU/VST (as opposed to a $580 entry fee). S-Trigger Dave, thanks for mentioning Chromaphone 3. I’m still in v2, but need to give v3 another look.

    1. $580 entry fee? ”Reason Lite” (free a while ago on plugin boutique) + $69 and you have it!

      Reason Lite lets you run the full Reason Rack as a VST3/AU/AAX plugin in any Mac or PC DAW.

      1. I can’t find Reason lite anywhere. Sounds like I have to wait for some window of opportunity where it is available as part of a promotion. I see that there is the option for a Reason+ subscription, but ugh, I hate that so much.

        But in any case, thanks Sean, you are inspiring me to give Reason some more careful thought, and research.

        I’ve participated in another forum where Reason has been criticized (or Reason Studios, or was it Propellerhead?) for some kind of dubious somethings. I don’t mean to cast aspersions without any info. Need to learn more of what that was about.

  5. Yeah, they polished Chromaphone nicely for v.3 and best of all, the library is back-compatible with v.2. The synth now doubles up, giving you two resonators with two “oscillators” each, so its a fun trip to layer. Objekt has a dusty/warm edge that I like a lot, but Chromaphone’s GUI is a good lesson in how physical modeling works. The amp envelope and effects rack help a lot.

    1. I’m about to upgrade to Chromaphone 3, and will be curious to see if there are any changes to the noise/exciter section. That’s where some of this mojo seems to exist. And Objekts ability to tune the resonators is also quite fascinating.

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