Virsyn XinematiX Brings Workstation-Class Sample Library To iOS

Virsyn has introduced XinematiX, a virtual instrument for iOS that they say brings workstation-class sample libraries to iOS.

XinematiX delivers over 25 GB of sounds, the result of over 3 years of recording and programming work by sample sound producer KARO Sound Development.


  • 990 programs available à la carte via in-app purchases
  • Excellent dynamics via velocity switching and clever programming.
  • Round Robin sample triggering will make your performances and productions sound more natural.
  • Multi power – Up to 3 different programs can be stacked simultaneously in a multi and either be crossfaded or layered.
  • MIDI Polyphonic Expression – XinematiX is compatible to the MPE standard allowing you to program sounds that behave more like acoustic instruments in terms of spontaneous, polyphonic sound control using appropriate MPE controllers.
  • Seamless transitions – special care is given that your sound never cuts off or glitches.
  • Multi power – Up to 3 different programs can be stacked simultaneously in a multi and either be crossfaded or layered for dramatic sound sculpting with the intuitive color-coded on-screen fader. Live Mode – organize your multis and programs for quick access in a dedicated Live Mode with 128 scenes and 16 tiles per screen.

Details on pricing and availability are to come at the Virsyn site.

4 thoughts on “Virsyn XinematiX Brings Workstation-Class Sample Library To iOS

  1. This one depends on both your DAW (if any) and how good the 25 GB package is. iPads with a wad of memory will cost you dearly, but that’s become true across Apple’s platforms. If you want to use Logic on one, you’ll have some math to do. I prefer a desktop and I still weigh the merits of a new item carefully. I have no issues because I employ a couple of hefty SSDs. I’m not an iPad user, so I don’t know how that might fit into Padworld, but a 2 to 4 TB drive is a good deodorant for memory issues.

  2. Sounds great but, I have majority of Spitfire plugins on my M2 mac already that sounds delicious.
    I also have the latest iPad 12’ pro with 2GB ssd and plenty of space but, WHY is this developer blocking compatibility with macOS?!

  3. iPad Pro 12.9” with M2 cpu = MacBook
    SSD on iPad Pro can go up to 2TB
    I know because I own one 🙂

  4. It is kind of a confusing concept.

    First of all, “workstation-class” could refer to workstation keyboards or DAW’s. But ok, they’re claiming the sample quality is good.

    No clarity in the description about what is included in the “free” version. And it seems like you have to buy the app to learn more about the app– the docs are missing some useful details.

    Virsyn does make some clever and innovative sounding synths for iOS & Mac. I’m curious what others have experienced in terms of their long-term reliability– (i.e., maintenance updates for older titles, etc.).

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