Unofficial MPC Hack, Hakai, Lets You Run Force Firmware

User Jay Ray One shared this short demo of Hakai, unofficial firmware for the MPC that lets you run the Force firmware.

It’s basically a hack that allow Akai MPC Live, One, KEY 61 and X users boot their devices into the Force software. Information is available on the Hakai Facebook page.

Note: Users should not load unofficial firmware without understanding the potential risks. The developers share the following disclaimer: “While we always test our Firmwares, know that you are responsible for your MPC.”

via Andreas

One thought on “Unofficial MPC Hack, Hakai, Lets You Run Force Firmware

  1. This is cool and gives MPC users the Force’s mixer window and arranger modes – features that I’ve heard a lot of folks asking for online. It looks like you only get the first 8 Q-link knobs at a time which is important to note.

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