Korg Volca FM Complete Guide

The latest XNB video is an in-depth guide to the Korg Volca FM, an inexpensive FM synth that’s compatible with the classic Yamaha DX7 voice architecture, though the Volca FM has a very different form factor and feature set.

The video introduces the Volca FM and its features, offers a quick introduction to FM synthesis, shows how to create patches, record sequencers and more.

Topics covered:

0:00 – Intro
0:22 – The basics
10:42 – Operators
14:40 – Operator EG
36:56 – OP level & Tune
43:34 – Rate scale & Amp modsense
49:14 – LFO
01:00:06 – Fback/Transpose & Voices
01:06:05 – Recording Sequences
01:10:39 – Arpeggiator
01:14:49 – Effects & Random
01:17:15 – Motion Sequence
01:20:41 – Active step
01:24:08 – Level Scaling
01:33:15 – Pitch EG

6 thoughts on “Korg Volca FM Complete Guide

  1. Might be a good tutorial but how much do ya need tooo know about this piece of kit, which IS the most overrated synth ever made by korg; except for the M1, this thing’s great for people with no
    real perceived knowledge of music(or very little)that’ll pretty much play itself¿kid’s¡! thanx folks

  2. I’ll switch from a t-shirt to a Marilyn Manson codpiece the day Trey posts something COHERENT.

  3. The volca fm allowed me to get into synths due to affordability. It has taught me so much about synth, including how to play keys live. Wonderful practical educational tool.

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