Hallucinogen LSD Live Performance

Finish electronic artist Thomas Nylund, aka Styr0x, shared his live take on Hallucinogen’s LSD.

Here’s what Nylund has to say about it:

“I made this cover of one of my favorite, and arguably one of the most innovative trance tracks ever made, by the psychedelic maestro Simon Posford a.k.a Hallucinogen/Shpongle.

Originally released in 1994, this track has been rocking dance floors all over the world for nearly 30 years and counting,
and still sounds arguably more original and unique than most stuff out there today.

This is my attempt to recreate this sonic masterpiece as faithfully as I could, while keeping the whole performance
as live and spontaneous as possible!”

10 thoughts on “Hallucinogen LSD Live Performance

  1. Nice – that was pretty faithful to the original ??

    I was mad into Hallucinogen, The Infinity Project (TIP Records) back in the mid 90s

    Lucky enough to see Hallucinogen play a live show at a festival once

  2. I first heard this track on Paul oakenfolds mix “a voyage into trance” and I thought it was certainly amazing, I found two hallucinogen albums and then discovered shpongle. I saw shpongle live twice. Couldn’t get enough! Simon posford is my synth sound design icon. Thanks for the tribute! Sounded great!

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