West Coast Synthesis On An East Coast Synth – CyberMoog

Synthesist Benge shared this video for his latest track, CyberMoog.

The performance takes a ‘West Coast’ approach on a ‘East Coast’ modular system and, as a result, sounds a bit like the work of Buchla artists of the ’70s.

Here’s what Benge shared about the technical details:

“The lower 2 cabs are vintage 1960s Moog 3C, the upper cabs are more modern, with most modules from Roger Arrick (Synthesizers.com).

This patch uses cybernetic principles for the main note generation – a combination of VCOs going into an S&H which controls the pitch and there is a feedback loop to control another connected VCO set to LFO which triggers the envelope. It’s all interconnected so that it resembles randomness, but it technically isn’t – it is cybernetic!

The rest of the performance is me messing with the amazing 914 Fixed Filter Bank, and also a low-fi CV-able delay in Moog format, which I love because of the wonkyness. There is 905 reverb in there, lots of panning, cross-mixing on the very cool 984 Matrix Mixer – and no other FX on this recording.

Some of the visuals were made with my new favourite iPhone app – Polycam 3D – it uses all those cameras on your iPhone to work out objects in 3D – then I put it into Blender to make it better.”

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