Korg Intros opsix SE, opsix SE Platinum FM Synthesizers

Korg today introduced two additions to its opsix family of FM synthesizers, the opsix SE and opsix SE Platinum.

The new synths address the most common complaints people had with the original opsix, adding a robust all-metal design; a premium 61-note keyboard, with aftertouch; expanded 80-voice polyphony and more.

The announcement follows Korg’s introduction last week of the wavestate mk2, wavestate SE and wavestate SE Platinum.


  • Premium metal design
  • Exclusive hard case included
  • Direct Hands-on Control
  • Six in One Synthesis
  • Altered FM architecture delivers sounds across a vast spectrum
  • Powerful Effects Processing
  • Automatable 16-step sequencer
  • Flexible Modulation Matrix
  • Dice to generate new, unique sounds
  • Librarian Software included
  • Special crossgrade to opsix native (software)

The opsix SE Platinum differs cosmetically, but has the same synth engine as the standard opsix SE.

opsix Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

The new synths are available now to pre-order, with the following pricing:

  • Korg opsix SE –  2189€
  • Korg opsix SE Platinium – 2389€.

See the Korg site for details.

23 thoughts on “Korg Intros opsix SE, opsix SE Platinum FM Synthesizers

  1. I’ll buy the opsix SE over the Wavestate SE. Never liked the Wavestate, but the opsix is the most versatile FM synth I’ve used.

    1. A surprise for me to read your comment. “Most Versatile FM Synth”. Have you try Yamaha Montage or ModX? Because his FM engine is 10 times more versatile than OPSix.

      1. OpSix does some pretty unique stuff with operators (like AM and filtering) that can take you places you could never get to on a Yamaha. The Mo* instruments are amazing but for different reasons.

  2. I hope Korg comes out with the UltimaModOPWave. Image all 3 synth engines in one unit. There is definitely enough panel space for all knobs/sliders and buttons.

    1. I think Oasys, Kronos, Nautilus all had/have essentially these three engines plus more.

      Do you think it would make sense to have a Nautilus with more one-knob-per-function faders, all discretely laid out? How would you indicate which knobs were active? Or would it be somehow multitimbral?

      1. Kronos/Nautilus don’t have Wavetable functionality and the Wavestate is quite different/more complex than WaveSequencing on the Kronos/Nautilus. On the other hand, the Korg/Nautilus WaveSequencing can also do things the Wavestate cannot do if you’re after more than four layers. When it comes to FM though, I had a similar question whether the Mod7 engine would be a viable alternative for the Opsix, therefore a used Kronos or a brand new Nautilus could be a more sensible purchase for less than what an Opsix SE costs if so.

  3. korg is fucking around with this… as others have mentioned, they could easily combine all these newer small keyboards into one giant monster flagship that would actually justify a 61 key model, along with the SE type pricing

    its not inspiring at all.. and its the wrong move in this economy

    they already had to blow out the original opsix keyboards because they didn’t sell… apparently they learned nothing from that

    1. Doing what you’re asking for would turn this into a workstation and bump the price up to $4,000, because very few musicians want those ‘flagship’ digital synths with multiple synth engines.

      The wavestate, modwave and opsix are have incredibly deep and complex synth engines, and are individually challenging for many musicians to learn. Making them three times as complicated would be a complete cluster funk for most users.

    2. Actually the reason they blew them out was there was a bad batch with a very high percentage of faulty screens and it was easier to just take their chances and deal with returns rather than inspect every unit.

  4. YES YES YES Finally!

    Glad that i sat it out, was a long wait and i was getting unsure if it will happen.

    For me this is the continuation of the DX7 like it should have been done ages ago.

    There is the Yamaha MODX – but that is more like a FM workstation, and does too much at once imho.

    Glad that opsix SE finally exists!

  5. I can see 61 notes being good for a Wavestate’s layering/zone powers, whereas the benefit with FM is how creatively weird it can often get way above or below a patch’s center. You don’t just get higher or lower notes; you often get inspiring bass growls or great alien noises on the high end. The Opsix will let you just reach for those instead of having to fiddle with it.

    Peoples’ complaints puzzle me. All three synths of the range are more potent than a lot of others we can name. You wanted more & better keys and aftertouch? Got it. In a field with quite a few $3-5K+ instruments, $2K seems reasonable to me here. They’re not starter synths; they’re for those of us who have been at it for a while and see the bigger picture.

    1. It just feels a bit like a lazy cash grab to me…granted, I might be the last person on the planet to understand instrument manufacturing and pricing.

      Not trying to bash and definitely not trying to be argumentative…just feels like they could have at least implemented a more robust interface (at least a bigger screen) on these grown-up versions rather than simply plunking the interface into a larger, admittedly much sexier frame.

    2. I disagree. The Wavestate is largely about launching 1-finger jams, which you could do with an even smaller keyboard. FM synthesizers, with keyboard scaling per operator, are great not only for finding the weird stuff when you play at the extremes, but also because you can craft very playable instruments over a wide range.

  6. this is really cool! im happy to see this exist. but thinking about grabbing this and the forthcoming ModWave SE, i could also get a Quantum MK2 for a slightly more and take up less space. Not a total 1:1 i think if i had more space I would get a dedicated FM synth like this (still might get the little one at some point)

  7. Excellent 21st century follow up to DX7 🙂 With up to 80 voices polyphony, is t mutitimbral?
    Can’t find any info about it on Korg website…

  8. Same bulls… as with the wavestate…overpriced…like Ty Unwin said on the sonic talk show…wait a while/year and the price might drop to a more reasonable level.

  9. Expensive, but this looks like one of the best FM synths ever.

    @Leslie – multitimbral would be incredible, like the return of the TX816 or a huuuuge TX81z with more operators!

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