Free Music Friday: High Skies – The History of Time Travel

Synthesist Matt Jarvis (Gas) was kind enough to share a bunch of Bandcamp download codes for his latest High Skies release, The History of Time Travel.

Jarvis describes the album as ‘sounding like a collision between the Radiophonic Workshop and Led Zeppelin.”

You can preview the album below, or on Bandcamp:

Here are the free download codes he shared:


You can redeem them on Bandcamp. It’s first-come, first-serve on the download codes, so leave a comment if you’ve used one of the codes, or if all the codes have been used.

15 thoughts on “Free Music Friday: High Skies – The History of Time Travel

  1. Wow! I literally am time traveling because I’m sure I’ve seen this before.
    On the 19th June. How amazing!
    The only reason I use Synthtopia now is to read the funny comments section and enjoy people being salty to each other.
    Seriously, you post the same thing twice, but still no news on the ELZ_1 play?
    You “news” is a couple of days old and quite often interesting gear releases just don’t feature at all. But this deserves a second mention? Right.

    1. Dongleboob

      The ELZ_1 play is described as a ‘personal project’ of the ELZ_1 designer, with a limited run:

      If the ELZ_1 play develops into a Sonicware product, we’ll cover it at that time.

      We generally focus our coverage on items that are of interest to a broad range of synthesists. We have a long history of metrics that inform our coverage decisions, which is reflected in our page views and the number of comments on Synthtopia articles.

      1. A limited run, but a product that you can actually buy and has a delivery date you won’t mention.
        Yet another Behringer piece of vaporware or announcement about a product that is years away you do.
        Okay got it.
        Crystal clear.

    2. The second mention is likely because of the Bandcamp codes. If you think that there is something news worthy then you can let them know. There is a link / form for that.

  2. Sorry. It’s actually a very good album by Matt Jarvis.
    Thank you for sharing the download codes (I used the last one on the list, didn’t try any others).

    1. Yeah, definitely.
      Synthanatomy is brilliant.
      Love Synthtopia for the comments though, especially the Behringer posts!

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